A Postcard From the Past

happy new year feather tiar

Happy New Year to you! Hope you spent the eve doing exactly what you wanted to do.

We went out to a fun party at one of our favourite bars, and of course, I got lots of pictures, which I will try to get up tomorrow. For today I shall keep my post short and sweet, sent to you with the sincere best wishes for 2013.

vintage cats new years post

This postcard is the oldest piece in my vintage paper collection. It would be from the early 1900, a time when postcards took the place of today's social networking sites. Collecting vintage ones is a whole thing unto itself, with enthusiasts all over the world. In fact, I know a man who published a book which features his collection of cards from The Lake of Bays, a region of Ontario Canada that we call 'cottage country'. (Bruce's Book)

And while I collect vintage paper things, this is the only postcard I have. I got it from ebay a few years ago for a mere $3, with the full intention of mailing it to someone but, in the end, could not let it go.

As is the case for all my collection, I go for unused items, so this one is blank on the back. It's interesting how the shadows of the cats can been seen on the back.

I love that it is New Years specific and includes the cutest of poems. It is all so cheerful!

cats and poem on vintage Ne

back of vintage postcard

xo loulou
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4 Responses to A Postcard From the Past

  1. What a sweet postcard. I guess we are all a bit nostalgic for the days of less technology, huh? Happy New Year, doll! Can’t wait to see your fun pics. :)

  2. Ana says:

    look at these cute little faces! Happy new year Loulou.

  3. Paisley says:

    What a cute vintage postcard! It’s interesting that the cat’s silhouettes can be seen on the back of the card. I once found a bunch of old postcards in an antique shop and it’s so interesting to read what people sent to each other back then. Happy 2013!

  4. Elle sees says:

    Happy new year to you!!! My grandmother collects vintage paper Valentines.

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