Easter at Our Place – 2016

table with easter cake

I hope those of you who celebrate Easter, had a nice weekend. Well, actually I hope all of you did!

We had a very good time with our pal Andrea and her friend Heather, who was visiting from Montreal. They came over for dinner on Saturday.

We don't celebrate the religious aspect of Easter (Aside: growing up in a Catholic home, I have a vivid memory of being a kid and trying to explain to my neighbourhood friend Sandy, what Easter was really about. I recall much doubt on her part about a man rising from the dead. I felt so frustrated that she didn't believe that it had really happened. Yeah, right ... preach Little Lou.)

Rather we view this holiday as a celebration of the arrival of spring.

Here's a little look around our place. Note, I'm not one to miss out on a chance to decorate! ...

In the kitchen I hung the garland I made last year (shown in this post).

handmade easter garland decoration

On the table is a new-to-me small vintage tablecloth.

I got this at an estate sale I helped organize last summer. My main role in regards to the sale, was spotting and pricing any vintage collectibles amoungst the huge number of things to be sorted. I fell for this cloth immediately upon finding it tucked away in the linen closet. But of course, my job was to ready things for sale, so I put it out with a display of seasonal items I'd set up in a corner. During the sale, I even showed it to a few people. Nobody was interested and it was still there at the end of the sale. So, with permission from the owner, who really just wanted everything gone, I got it, along with a bunch of other great items. (He offered the things to me at no charge, since it was all heading to the thrift store after the sale anyway, but I insisted on paying something. All in all, I got a great deal on some lovely items.

kitchen table

vintage easter table cloth

This green bird was something I picked up at the end-of-season sale at a shop called Urban Barn on Queen Street West last August, after seeing one at the home of our friends Kim and Chris. I got it, along with a hedgehog, to use outside on the deck but brought it in for the winter for safe keeping.

green ceramic bird from pottery barn

In that vase, and the green one on the table, are branches from our forsythia bush. It's much too early for this to bloom outside, but I read that you can force this plant to flower inside, and I've been wanting to try doing that for years, but kept forgetting to cut some branches and bring them inside. This year I remembered but not earlier enough to have flowers for Easter. I cut it on Friday, but the flowers didn't open until this morning (Tuesday), which is, of course, long after our company has come and gone. So, while they were here it looked like I'd just stuck some branches in a vase. It looks very pretty now, though!

forced forsythia flowers

forsythia branch blooming indoors

Speaking of bare branches being stuck into vases, these ones are on permanent display above the china cabinet in the dining room area. For the holiday, they were adorned with the ornaments I made last year (also found here in this post).

handmade easter ornaments decorations

While we're in the dining area, here's the table, set up for dinner.

Selected from my collection of vintage Corelle plates, these "Spring Blossom" ones were suitable for the occasion ...

dining area

dinner table set with vintage corelle crazy daisy spring blossom

easter dinner table set with vintage corelle spring blossom crazy daisy

vintage corelle dishes crazy daisy spring blossom table setting

Here's the living room area ...

We use regular bedroom pillows on the sofa and chair, that I change up easily with pillow-cases or shams. In this case, polka-dots seemed like a good choice for Easter.

living room

One time when my mother was visiting, I found Daisy the Lamb propped up on the bed after she left ...

lamb stuffed toy


mirror and wall pocket

I got this candy dish at Michael's last week. I couldn't resist its vintage look and 50% sale tag, and brought it home for $3.50.

vintage look easter candy dish from michaels

These rolly-poly chicks are toys meant for cats. And I did in fact buy them for Eddie, however, decided they were a bit too cute to be destroyed by him.

I'm not big on fake flowers, but do quite like this bouquet of vintage plastic ones my sister gave me at Christmas. According to the fantastic original packaging, they're actually a ring to go around a candle, which seems dangerous to me, so that might be why they're still around, in great shape, because people were afraid to use them. The package holds three rings, each in a different colour combo, so I'll be able to change this display up easily.

chalkware mermaids and easter cat toys

pineapple and matching ceramics decorated for easter

Here's a thrifted porcelain rabbit (bought during this shopping trip), along with the crowned squirrel that my friend Julie gave me. I set them up with a festive golden egg.

ceramic rabbit and squirrel

Wow, looking at these pictures after the fact, you could just as soon call this post, "Using Thrifted Items in you Home". there are so many things shown here that I got at the thrift store!

Now, onto the dinner party ...

Regular readers might know that Andrea is a very skilled baker. She brought this beautiful (and delicious) cake. It's lemon and blueberries on the inside, with a lemon cream cheese icing.

cake by andrea

Heather brought a nice bottle of wine from Canada's Niagara Region ... Trius Gamay Noir. (Yes, this is a picture of the empty bottle, which was taken this morning. We didn't drink this on Saturday. Nick and I enjoyed it with our dinner last night. Very tasty, indeed.)

trius gamay noir wine niagara region canada

The evening began with a fun chat in the living room, accompanied by a pitcher of Nick's Sinners' Tea ...

nicks sinners tea cocktail


Eddie is never one to miss a get-together ...

nick and eddie

Dinner included an appetizer of this salad, made with sauteed mushrooms, goat's cheese and toasted pine nuts.

at table

Serving dessert ...

a and cake

It was so good.

Then the camera was put away for the night!

More drinks were served, and we played a game (did an activity?) with the x-box and Youtube, that we often do when friends come over. This is how it goes : In turn, each player is given the controller and picks a music video. Then we all watch it. Preference is given to live performances. It's a lot of fun, with plenty of singing along, and new band introductions. We played until after 2.

The evening was a good time and it was certainly a delight to make a new friend.

The next day, Easter Sunday, was rather low key. We ate left-overs, played x-box (we're both playing Fallout 4 at the moment, and loving it!).

Small gifts were exchanged ...

Nick got me some Lush bath stuff. I can't get enough of it ...

There were a couple of bombs, both that I haven't tried before -- Dragon's Egg and Pink. And a choice available only around Easter time -- the Bubble Bar Carrots. I especially love the scent of the Dragon's Egg.

easter gift from lush dragons egg and pink bath bombs and carrot bubble bars

Since I knew we'd be getting a generous dessert from Andrea, with most of what remained after dinner staying with us, I thought we'd have enough treats for the weekend, so I gave him an IOU for a batch of homemade cookies.

easter iou

And since you haven't already seen enough pictures in this post (haha), here are a few of Eddie ...


eddie the cat

What's he looking at, you ask?

cat smelling lush bubble bar

Apparently Eddie is a fan of Lush too!

Thanks very much for checking out what we got up to. I hope you're having a good week.
xo loulou

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7 Responses to Easter at Our Place – 2016

  1. Gaia says:

    I love your spring decorations ! cake looks yummy…and Eddie is cute as ever !!

  2. Joann says:

    Everything looks so pretty. I love the garland you made!


  3. Norma says:

    Your house looks lovely. I like so many things but the Easter garland really took my eye. Norma x

  4. Vix says:

    I love everything in your house (including Eddie), I want to move in!
    I can’t believe that sweet chick tray cloth wasn’t snapped up, what on earth is the matter with these people. So glad you rescued it from thrift shop oblivion! xxx

  5. hena tayeb says:

    You thought of every detail and it looks great..

  6. Julie says:

    looks like it was a perfect celebration! I love your vintage finds, and that tablecloth with the chicks and forget-me-nots is so lovely, it was obviously meant for you! I especially like the photos of Nick and Eddie having a cuddle.

  7. Kaisa says:

    Omg, we have the same Easter table cloth with flowers and chicks here in Estonia! Only bigger (two “squares”) and no one has taken time to make any lace around it. It must be some fabric from Soviet Union era, I guess. I can’t remember when my mom got it.

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