Inside a Beautiful Old Building

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My friend recently sent me an email about a pop-up sample-sale she had heard about that was located in my neighbourhood. I decided to check it out though I should have expected what I found ... everything nice was way too small. It seems that this is the case for any sample-sale I've been to in recent years, that they only carry very tiny sizes, and if there is one thing I know about myself it's that I am not is a size 0-2! The woman running the sale tried to help me find things that might fit, however I wasn't interested in wearing a t-shirt that looked like a large sack with holes in it for my hands to poke out of. What I really wanted was those tailored ink blue cuffed shorts with the tuxedo-style black stripes down the side. But the ones they had would have fit on one of my legs, so ...umm. no. I'm kidding, but the clothes were quite extreme on the small scale.

All was not lost though, as I got to have a peek inside the old building in which the sale was being held. Located on King Street West, it was erected in 1904 and would have probably originally been used in the creation of textiles and clothing, as this strip of Toronto was the garment district. While the lovely chandeliers would not be original to the building, they were very pretty none the less.


top of the stairs




looking down the stairs

door 01


down to front door

Aside from me and the person hosting the sale, who was sitting quietly with her head down on the table as I left, the building seemed to be abandoned, so I had a great chance to savor the ambiance and visit with the ghosts of the past, lounging about the hallway.

Thanks for enjoying the quiet beauty with me. I hope your week is going well.
xo loulou

This building is located at 580 King Street West, west of Portland, in Toronto
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4 Responses to Inside a Beautiful Old Building

  1. Martha says:

    Love this!!!
    What a gem of a building.
    They don’t make them like that anymore.

  2. I adore buildings like this! They are really few and far between where I live now – but I used to live in an apartment that looks similar sans the totally awesome chandeliers though. I wish they still built structures like this today.

    As for the sample sale…arg yes – I know your frustration! It’s pretty sad that they consider average sized girls practically plus size in the fashion world. I’ve been to one before and it was the same thing – size 0 and 2 and you were practically shunned and stared at if you were a curvy gal like me. Boo.

    Have a loverly week Loulou! xo Marisa

  3. def a beautiful building indeed!

  4. Krysten says:

    Those chandeliers! WOW!

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