Themed Thursday : Yellow Flowers and Fall is on its Way

Where I live, the last flowers to blossom in the annual cycle are a lot of golden-yellow ones.

The first picture above is the only one that came from my own garden. But a trip through the neighbourhood brought forth plenty of specimens of this glorious colour. There is no denying that once this many of the golden hued beauties are gleefully showing their faces, fall is well on its way.

(I got these pictures on the same photography-walk that I got the shots of the Red Winged Blackbird that I posted about on Tuesday.)

If wish I could send you a real-life bouquet to brighten up your day, but alas, these photos will have to do. I hope you enjoy them.
xo loulou

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3 Responses to Themed Thursday : Yellow Flowers and Fall is on its Way

  1. Emma says:

    I love black eyed Susans… beautiful! Such a cheery post, too.

  2. Erin says:

    You got some fantastic shots. These yellow flowers really do brighten up my day.


  3. awe amazing flower. such gorg captures! xO!

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