Dinner and Laughs – The Time Machete at Comedy Bar

I saw a very funny comedy show on April 9th, organized and hosted by my sister’s man of many years, Alex. It was called “The Time Machete”, and was held at Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor Street West. My friends Julie and Nyla came too.

First, we met for dinner. We’d planned to eat just a few doors away from the club, at a place we’d all been to an enjoyed before, The Piston, however when we arrived we were told that the kitchen was closed that evening.

The gentleman there recommended that we try a spot down the street called Wenona Craft Beer Lodge, so that’s where we went. It turned out to be a good suggestion.

We were greeted with creative rustic camp decor, and the comforting aroma of a campfire, thanks to the house specialty, smoked bbq provided by Pitmaster, Jason Rees of Pork Ninjas. We got a nice table towards the back. To drink, there was a wide choice of locally crafted beers — they rotate them daily on their ten taps — I went for a glass of Ransack the Universe IPA, and Julie and Nyla had mixed drinks.

^ I’m not big into hockey, but there was no way of avoiding knowing that the Toronto Maple Leafs were doing better this year than they have in a very long time, so the city had hockey fever and games were televised pretty well everywhere there was a television. (In case you’re wondering, that is over now as they lost the first round of the playoffs. As far as I could tell though, it was a very exciting time for the fans.) ^

Walking to Comedy Club after dinner, Bloor Street West near Ossington Avenue, (I once lived in and loved this neighbourhood so was feeling a bit nostalgic being there) ….

Of course, my sister Camille was there, so she and Julie got to meet for the first time. Ours is a “ricochet friendship” — Camille met Nyla and then introduced us, then I met Julie at one of Nyla’s poetry shows, and now Camille and Julie have met, closing the loop of four friends who’ve ricocheted one to the other!

I think this the third “Time Machete” show, however the first that I’ve been able to see, so I was excited. The series is described as “a surrealist comedy variety show featuring weird stand-up, strange sketch, and unusual improv.”

The comedians were …

^ Todd Graham (Just For Laughs, Apocalypse Pooh) ^

^ Jon Pham McCurley (Life Of A Craphead) ^

^ Kat Letwin (Northwest Passage (Vancouver/Toronto/Montreal Sketchfest, Chasse Galerie, and Soulpepper), and Kristie Gunter (Second City) ^

^Rahil Shaikh (not the cricket player)! ^

^ Kathleen Phillips-Locke (Sunnyside, Mr. D, Filth City) ^

^ In addition to putting the whole thing together, Alex, (assisted by Camille as Producer), performed a number of his original humorous songs between the acts. He did that from the sound board though, which was completely in the dark, so although I tried I didn’t get a good picture, but here’s one after the show. ^

Thanks for checking out what I’ve been up to. I hope you’re having a good week. Spring has sprung here!
xo loulou

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3 Responses to Dinner and Laughs – The Time Machete at Comedy Bar

  1. Vix says:

    Another fab night out! It seems strange to see a poster advertising Russell Howard, he’s a permanent fixture on TV here!
    Good to hear that Spring has sprung, it’s been snowing here! xxx

  2. Julie says:

    That was such a fun night!! And I love that we have closed the loop on our ricochet friendship- clearly meant to be!

  3. Hena Tayeb says:

    Sounds like a great time.

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