People in the Park and a Special Treat – A White Squirrel

trinity bellwoods white squ

I had today's post planned out in my head when I did my last entry on Saturday here, which told about the dogs that enjoy our local park, Trinity Bellwoods. While I had taken the pictures of those dogs I also got some of people there and those are what I had planned to post today.

But those plans changed after I spotted a very rare and special resident of this particular park, a white squirrel, on Sunday morning.

A small dray (I didn't know before but I know now, that this is what a family of squirrels is called) of these white ones has lived here for a long time, but in all the years I have regularly been coming here, always on the lookout for a sighting, I have only ever spotted one twice before. And those times were quite fleeting, though I did manage to get some pictures last time which was actually on Christmas day (discussed here).

white squirrel in trinity b

white squirrel

white squirrel in a tree

white squirrel 02

white squirrel trinity bell

And here are the other park pictures that I have for you. I thought this little guy enjoying a peanuts was very special when I photographed him a few days ago, but now maybe not so much.

squirrel with a nut

two people on a bench

bike on the path

reading in the park

yellow shirt

guy writing

turnip drawn on bench

bird house

yellow flowers

Thanks very much for taking a look. Wishing you a great Monday and a good week to come.
xo loulou

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9 Responses to People in the Park and a Special Treat – A White Squirrel

  1. aww amazing images! such a cute white squirrel. lol. xO!

  2. oh my goodness! I have never seen a black OR white squirrel (or Dray). How cool!

    • Loulou says:

      Oh wow, that is one thing I love so much about interacting with blog writers from all over the world … you get to hear about the differences in our environment. I see a squirrel every day here!

  3. Emma says:

    He’s (she’s??!) gorgeous! I know some people don’t like squirrels, but I always remember Alison Uttley’s stories and I think they’re super-cute. Not quite so cute when you have a family of them living in your loft, though, or stealing your bird food!

  4. What a beautiful squirrel! Thanks for sharing the pics. Very intriguing. Looks like a lovely park too.

  5. ELLE sees says:

    how crazy all those squirrels?

  6. Kayli says:

    oh wow!!!!! white squirrel!! that is just so beautiful! i have never seen them my life! but i feel so thrilled to be able to find this on your blog!! i used to live in Toronto for 7 years.. but never get to see anything like this before… :-O

    love your blog!! :)

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