Grey Days in the City

It certainly has been a dark month here in Toronto. As reported on yesterday evening’s newscast, during the past 26 days, or for most of January, we’ve only seen 12 hours of sunshine in total, when the average for the same period is 72 hours.

So, to commemorate this unusual month of gloominess, here are some shots I’ve taken recently.

Thursday, walking down Spadina, after checking out the show at the Ukrainian Museum (written up here) …

^ One of many lovely old houses on the west side of Spadina, north of College. ^

^ One Spadina Crescent, Gothic Revival, built in 1875, currently being fully restored. ^

^ Spadina south of College ^

^ The yellow building dates back to 1880. It was originally a home but has been Grossman’s Tavern since 1943. ^

^ A mural in Chinatown ^

Sunday, Richmond Street West …

^ West of Peter Street ^

^ The South East corner of Peter and Richmond. ^

^ A historic building beside a construction site, Richmond Street east of Peter. ^

^ Picasso Condo building, 316 Richmond ^

^ Looking back towards Richmond and Peter. The new building was recently added over-top of the historic building, which was also fully restored. There’s a write-up about the project here – The Toronto Star^

On Adelaide Street West …

^ Part of St. Mary’s Church on Bathurst, built in 1889. ^

^ Factory Theatre, Bathurst and Adelaide. ^

^ Looking west near Portland and Adelaide. ^

Have I given you the impression that there are no cars in Toronto? Whenever possible, I avoid including them in my pictures, which involves waiting patiently until the coast is clear before I push the button. This allows me to imagine I live in the utopian car-free city of my dreams.

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2 Responses to Grey Days in the City

  1. Norma says:

    You’ve certainly shown us some good bright photos to make up for the weather.
    We’ve probably done better than usual for sun here but I’ll still be glad when spring appears.

  2. Julie says:

    It has indeed been super gloomy lately! No fun at all. I also have been struggling to take some good photos. You have still captured so many wonderful building in the city!

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