A Coffee Shop Date with Friends : Noble Coffee Co.

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Meghan, Julie and I had a lovely coffee shop date recently. At Julie's recommendation, we went to Noble Coffee Co (on Bloor Street, south side between Lansdowne and Dundas West).

It was really cold outside but warm and inviting inside. The steamy windows added to the cozy ambiance, as did the aroma of freshly ground coffee and tray of homemade cookies, which had just been taken out of the oven as we arrived.

chai latte and stratta scones at noble coffee co bloor street toronto bloordale junction triangle

↑ I had a Chai Latte, lightly sweetened with maple syrup, and an order of their Pesto and Cheddar Stratta Scones. ↑

Checking out their FB page, I see that they change their food offerings regularly; one day they might have a stack of cheese and salami sandwiches prepared, and another day you might find a hot bowl of vegetarian chili waiting for you. All that we tried during our visit was delicious.

grilled sandwich and lemon mini loaf muffin at noble coffee co bloor street toronto

↑ J and M had toasted cheese sandwiches and a mini lemon loaf. ↑

I laughed when I returned from the restroom and Meegs had held off on tasting her dessert, because she knew I wanted to take a picture of it first! I love my friends, who understand my obsession with taking a photo of pretty well everything.

j and chandelier

me in cafe

shelves at noble coffee co toronto

at noble coffee bloor street near dundas toronto

baked things in glass cabinet noble coffee co toronto


old fridge



coffee shop

On my way home, through the streetcar window, I got these shots of Honest Ed's in the process of being torn down. It had been there for 70 years.

last look at honest eds sign toronto

honest eds being torn down toronto bloor and bathurst

That's it, short and sweet, because it's the little things in life.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a great weekend,
xo loulou
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6 Responses to A Coffee Shop Date with Friends : Noble Coffee Co.

  1. Hanging out with you guys in cafes is my new favourite thing ever!! Ps- the photos are incredible, you are a genius photographer. xo

    • Loulou says:

      I’m so glad you like the photos. It’s a very picturesque place and you’re an excellent subject! I agree, these hangouts with you and Meg have been great. Now I want to check out all the indie coffee shops.

  2. Your posts always make me so jealous! In this town of over 140,000 people we have ZERO independently owned coffee shops. It’s all Starbucks :( . Every time someone opens one, it closes shortly after because there just aren’t enough people here who appreciate stuff like that.

    • Loulou says:

      I’m so used to these independent coffee shops, all around the city, that I had no idea how lucky we are. We also have plenty of Starbuck’s, as well, though, and other big chains called “Second Cup” and “Tim Horten’s”, which I think are only in Canada. I guess we drink a lot of coffee, so there’s enough business for the chains and the independents! Could explain my insomnia, hehe. Hopefully one will make it in your town soon.

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