A Sampling of My Sister’s Amazing Collection of Vintage Treasures

vintage bird eggcups

My sister Camille and I are quite different in many ways, but one thing we have in common is our love of vintage things. Visits to one another's home always include time spent poking around and admiring what's on display.

While I only began to appreciate vintage when setting up my first apartment as a young adult, she began collecting as a small child. When she was the flower girl in our aunt's wedding at the age of four, I remember her being far more excited about the little porcelain bird figurine that she'd been given -- an old piece handed over from our grandmother's curio shelf -- than she was about the beautiful dress she got to wear and her fancy hairdo.

Her lifelong love of garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets, has resulted in a vast assortment of amazing old treasures.

Her focus is more on small decorative items that are funny and/or cute. You just can't look around her place without smiling.

If something came with its original packaging, it is propped up on a shelf or hung on a wall, intact.

I love the way she sets things up, in a way that looks fresh and tidy rather than cluttered and dusty.

I was at her place for a get-together on Saturday, and took a few minutes away from socializing with her lovely friends to quickly snap these shots around her living room and kitchen. They represent a minuscule sample of all that she has.

vintage kitten print

vintage artwork

vintage snowman wooden cut out

vintage plant pot

cupboard displaying vintage things

vintage wax and spam lite

vintage angel ornaments

display of vintage things

colonel sanders bank and pure canadian honey tin

vintage ceramics

cabinet with vintage figurines

vintage plastic riding toy horse

et shelf

vintage ceramic lamb used to store kitchen pot scrubber

↑ Here, propped on the edge of the kitchen sink, a ceramic plant holder makes a perfect spot to store the pot scrubber. (The mug is one that someone had been using at the party.) ↑

Thanks for taking a look,
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4 Responses to A Sampling of My Sister’s Amazing Collection of Vintage Treasures

  1. Norma says:

    It’s a cute collection. The ETs are my favourites; actually, until I saw that I’d forgotten how much I used to like ET. x

  2. Gaia says:

    They are all so very pretty, I love the plant holder.

  3. Vix says:

    How utterly fabulous! Loads of kitsch but not overloads, she’s very creative in her displays. xxx

  4. Julie says:

    oh wow, that is so cool to see all her treasures, and that you both share a love of vintage finds!

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