Recent Thrift Store Finds

Hi. Nick dropped me off at Value Village the other day and then went off to do his own thing, picking me up again an hour and a half later.

Here's what I found ...

thrift store finds

First up is this funny large sized mug, which is either real vintage or a good fake. It is chip-free and has the extra flourish of a gilded gold drawing on the back. It was such an odd piece that for $1 I had to have it. I might put a potted plant in it for fun.

thrifted vintage mug

thrifted vintage mug back

I found some things to add to my collection of Spring Blossom vintage dishes.

This bowl is Pyrex and the shape and style make it something called a Diana bowl. It is the second smallest of a nesting-bowl set which would have had 4 bowls. The smallest and the next size up would have been white with green flowers. In perfect condition it's the first of this shape that I have. I like it because the handles are like pouring spouts, with one being more narrow than the other, great for mixing and pouring batters and sauces. Or just used as a regular mixing bowl.

thrifted pyrex bowl spring

thrifted pyrex diana bowl m

I also got a couple more firsts to my collection ... these cereal bowls by Corelle, (which is a related company to Pyrex so they shared some vintage patterns). I've been on the look out for this style of bowl so was happy to spot them, and happy to see I'd be getting them for $3 total. This pattern was discontinued in the late 80s so these bowls are at least 20 years old.

thrifted vintage corelle ce

Nick and I have just gotten into drinking tea so these delicate bone china mugs were a good find. Now we'll be able to drink our brew with elegance and easily know which cup is whose.

thrifted bone china mugs

I grabbed this tiny stainless steel pitcher because we're tired of using a messy soya sauce bottle at the table. And while it's just a small thing, we really like it. There isn't any dripping at the spout and it's fun to pour from, although it's so teeny that you almost have to hold up your little finger to do so.

thrifted stainless small ju

In amongst a pile of cheap and cheerful plastic dollar store trays and outdoor dining dishes, I spotted this distinctive avocado colour and wondered, 'Could it be?' It was. I found a Melmac tray that would have been made no later than the early 70s, making it at least 40 years old. It was a bit grimy but easy to clean, and in like-new condition. I already have a turquoise one (seen here when I made A Beautiful Mess' Upside-down Cakes), that I got from ebay, which I use it a lot, so this one will surely come in very handy too. I did a little happy jig in my mind when I saw it was only $2.

thrifted melmac avocado tra

thrifted melmac tray

thrifted melmac detail

Over in the textiles area I found this 100% cotton tablecloth. It so nice and heavy and fresh. I already have some tablecloths so I will probably use this beautiful piece of fabric differently. I'm thinking it would make a nice throw blanket/cloth/wrap to bring along to a beach vacation, sort of like a Turkish Towel.

thrifted cotton tablecloth

I am big on throw blankets and always have a folded stack in the living room where we watch tv during the fall and winter. This soft and cozy 100% cotton, perfectly worn-in single bed sheet will be a comfy cover for fall garden sitting and winter movie watching.

thrifted plain flannel shee

As for the best find of the trip, I'd go with this tote style leather purse by Roots. At 8 1/2 inches wide it's an ideal size to carry what I need for a walk and not so large that it would get heavy. It cost $5. I've already had this out a couple of times and I just love it.

thrifted roots bag

thrifted roots bag detail

So that's what I found. It was $35 for all that, which makes me a happy thrifty shopper.

thrifted finds

I do have one regret from this trip. I had a vintage candy dish in my cart that I put back at the last minute. It was shaped like a leaf and appeared to be from the 60s. The colours, green and gold, would have gone just right with my Majolica-Style things (seen here. I decided not to get it though because I don't really need something like that and lack the shelf/table space to put it. But darn, it was so great looking and I wish I'd picked it up.

Oh well, there is usually at least one regret after any thrifting trip, right?

Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou

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8 Responses to Recent Thrift Store Finds

  1. Vix says:

    I don’t usually like vintage Pyrex (I know, I’m a disgrace to the vintage blogging community) but that bowl is a beauty! The colour is fab! x

    • Loulou says:

      I am surprised you don’t go for vintage Pyrex! Clearly I do, and although I love how it looks, really it’s more for the usefulness that I buy it. Our fridge is always full of Pyrex containers and we love how you can just reheat food in them. In fact, a couple of years ago we threw away most of the plastic containers we had and now use glass instead. Also it stacks so neatly in the cupboard.

  2. Cee says:

    I find it hard to shop for clothes at Value Village but their dishware section is like heaven… you never know what you might find! I’m very envious of the Corelle bowls you picked up, my great aunt had the same ones with a blue pattern when I was growing up and they were my favourite for cereal :)

    • Loulou says:

      Hi Cee. I’m with you as far as good clothing finds go at Value Village. In the year that I’ve been going regularly I’ve only found one piece that I liked enough to buy. I have better luck with their accessories, and of course, go nuts in the dishware section!

  3. wow u soooo scored!!!! love all ur finds!!! xO!

  4. Norma says:

    Great finds! The handbag is my favourite.
    I don’t think I’ve got any pyrex at all, maybe I’m missing a trick there?

  5. Hey Lou Lou – thanks for hopping over to my blog from ABM! It’s great to find another Canadian blogger…I loved your thrifty finds, especially that pyrex bowl!

  6. Hollie says:

    I love the top mug!

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