Thrift Store Finds

Here are my finds from a recent trip to the Value Village thrift store.

thrifted-finds thrift store

We’ll start with some wardrobe accessories …

Not only is this pure silk scarf a perfect colour scheme (in my opinion anyway … love those jewel tones) it is also huge and in excellent condition. Being 34 inches square, it’s big enough to wrap around my neck twice. Such a soft luxurious find that will add a nice pop of colour to my black coat.


I’m not one for large handbags, so this little find was a good one. It’s a leather purse made by Roots, and is so clean and new looking that I wonder if it’s ever been used. It will be perfect for toting my tiny camera, lipstick and other bare necessities while out on the town.


And now a decorative item. I was drawn in by the powder blue colour of this vase, which I believe is from the 40s or 50s, one of those rare true vintage finds from the thrift store. It will look nice holding a sprig of homegrown lilac this summer.



You know I love my Corelle dishes. These bowls, trimmed with a jade-green line, aren’t vintage but are in like-new condition and we need more bowls, so I got them. They mix and match perfectly with my collection of vintage Corelle, which is one of those collections that is used every day so there is little guilt over adding to it.



Check out these neat coasters I found. They are made from slices of genuine marble with a piece of felt glued to the underside, and marked with a label that says ‘Madoc Rocks, Made in Canada’. They would have originally been part of a four piece set, but I was happy to have the 3 of them. They are nice and heavy and won’t stick to the bottom of your glass.


The company who made these unique marble ones (website here) uses the cute tagline ‘Serve it on the Rocks’. Don’t mind if I do!


And look at what I had the willpower to leave behind! See it there, a nice looking stack of my favourite Corelle pattern, Spring Blossom? Yes, I did dive upon them when I saw them tucked back there on the shelf, only to find that, while they look perfect in the picture, they were well-used and each had scratches and utensil marks. My personal policy when thrifting is only things in great to perfect condition will make it home with me. So those beat up plates were left on the shelf.


Thank you very much for dropping over.
xo loulou

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