An Afternoon of Paper Crafting and Pasta with Andrea


Our friend Andrea asked if I would help her create a paper background for one of her family recipes, and I was happy to do it. So we got together for a little crafting afternoon on Sunday.

She had a rough idea of what she wanted but mostly it came together as we went along, and in the end we were both very pleased with how the project turned out.

We began by printing the recipe up on a nice piece of vellum-like paper, (giving it large margins so there would be room for the frame we would be making to go behind it). Then we layered it over some different papers, featuring a scallop-edged hand-stitched frame (a technique I demonstrated in this post).

Each layer was stuck together with strips of two-sided tape running solidly along the perimeter. Using tape gives a cleaner, flatter look than glue would.

Andrea had the idea of finishing the piece off with a paper appliqué in the shape of an apple because the recipe featured apples. Cute!



While we were busy cutting, sticking and chatting Nick partook in his hobby and cooked us up a delicious meal, which we took a break to enjoy. He made some pasta that I think was one of the best he's ever made, using some of the grilled red pepper he made last summer and stored in the freezer (that's what is in the white bowl and here is the post describing making it back in August.). The ingredient added such a nice smokey flavour to the sauce. So good.





Nick also made us his new cocktail recipe, which is a wicked and delicious combo of exotic teas, molasses, lemon juice and rum. He calls it 'Sinner's Tea' and this drink has become my favourite. I was planning to do a post on it however it's a hot drink, so I should save it until autumn rolls around again.

The sun was beginning to set when we got back to the recipe-card-making, so the rest of these shots are taken with the electric lights on. Check out Andrea's gorgeous new hair colour!


The last snip ....


and the creation ....



This was the first time I've crafted with a friend and it was a really fun thing to do.

Thanks for reading,
xo loulou
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5 Responses to An Afternoon of Paper Crafting and Pasta with Andrea

  1. Julie says:

    what a beautiful way to preserve a favorite recipe! that looks so pretty. I remember a few years ago I tried starting up a little crafting group of a 4-5 friends, to get together and all make the same sort of thing- like sewing little stuffed toy monsters one night, making chai tea from scratch another night, etc. but I found it to be a lot of work to put together and arrange each time. But I do love the idea of crafting with friends, and the nights where I was able to pull off the group gathering, it was always loads of fun!

    • Loulou says:

      That sounds like a very fun way to get together with friends, but if it’s the same person planning and gathering the supplies all the time, I can imagine it could become a lot of work.

  2. Vix says:

    I do so wish we lived closer, I can’t think of a nicer way to spend time than with a gorgeous girlfriend, creating with a gourmet lunch provided! xxx

  3. emi says:

    how fun is this! i’m a big fan of anything involving pasta :)

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