A Lovely Party : “The Royal Occasion” Celebrating The Royal Conservatory of Music

at the royal occasion royal conservatory of music toronto gala 2018

Each spring we look forward to attending a party held by Canada's Royal Conservatory of Music, called "The Royal Occasion", during which a number of Canadians who have made a remarkable contribution to arts and culture in our country are granted Honorary Fellowships to the conservatory. Our friend Isabel works there, and kindly invites us for the "performance and presentation" part, and the party that follows.


↑ Arriving ↑

reception area

seating area

dinner area

↑ The evening begins earlier for some attendees, as there is a reception and dinner that precedes the presentations. On our way into Koerner Hall, where the show portion takes place, we get to pass by the dining area. Being a big fan of tableware and decor, I enjoy taking a quick peek at the lush setting. Every year the tables are set differently, and they're always beautiful done. ↑

looking down

This year, the inductees were rock and roll legend Robbie Robertson, internationally acclaimed soprano Sondra Radvanovsky, and visionary philanthropists Tim and Frances Price. Interspersed amoungst the speeches and presentations were musical performances by some of the students at the conservatory and a couple of indie bands who played pieces written by Robbie Robertson. Sondra Radvanovsky also treated the audience to a couple of songs, one being a charming rendition of "I Could Have Danced All Night" from My Fair Lady.

at seat royal occasion royal conservatory of music presented by telus

in the hall

Following the show, guests are welcomed in the reception gallery for drinks and dessert.

I sampled some delicious lemon pudding and a square, but didn't get a photo.

Since it had been a few months since we'd had a chance to see Isabel, we ended up spending most of the time catching up (She has moved to a brand new condo!). Then we ran into a lovely couple we met at this event last year, Monica and Mark, who we then had a good chat with. And, as we all know, time flies when you're having fun, so I didn't end up getting my camera out until just before we were ready to leave. So, alas, these photos don't give an accurate representation of the people who were at the party, in all their finery, they at least give you a look at the stunning flowers and candles that decorated the area. This year's colour palette was purple and white. The room was gorgeous, as always. (The flowers were provided by Stemz. Check out their Instagram here for a stunning floral fix.)

flowers and candles

flowers and candles at royal occasion gala royal conservatory of music 2018 by stemz

at party

friends talking

with m



at the royal occasion party royal conservatory of music toronto koerner hall

n and m


people talking

If you're interested in seeing what The Royal Occasion looked like in previous years, those posts are here : 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Thank you for taking a look, and thank you to Isabel for inviting us!
xo loulou
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