The Aboriginal Pavilion at Fort York

cultural village dwelling aboriginal pavilion toronto 2015

I like to keep things in order here, in telling you about what I get up to around the city, but I'm going to break with that today by writing about The Aboriginal Pavilion that is currently happening on the western part of Fort York. After going over and taking these pictures yesterday afternoon, I wanted to get this up quickly (before telling you about a fun holiday I've had and a great concert Nick and I went to) because there are only a couple more days for you to go see this before it ends on Sunday. And I encourage you to go because it is really worth seeing. If you have children, I think they will love it. The kids I saw there seemed to be having a great time. Oh, and admission is free!

In fact, there is still time for you to plan to go to the traditional Pow Wow that is taking place from noon to 6 tomorrow - Saturday, July 25. It will be open on Sunday from 10 to 7. This evening (Friday, July 24, there are concerts from 7 to 11, in addition to all kinds of other things going on all day.

Check out their site here, where the pavilion is described as a "19 day Indigenous arts, culture, and sports festival, held concurrent to the Toronto 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am Games".

(If you live east of Fort York, the entrance on Bathurst Street is open -- it's on the west side of Bathurst, just south of the big metal bridge that crosses the train-tracks. You'll have to pass through the fort on your way to the grounds on the western side, but that in itself is pretty cool.)

The reason I didn't go sooner, and therefore didn't tell you about it earlier, was that I hadn't heard anything about The Aboriginal Pavilion until I saw this story aired on the evening news on Tuesday. The gist of the segment was that one of the artisan vendors had gone over to Nathan Phillips Square, one of the official public spaces for the Panam Games that are currently taking place in Toronto, and set up a display table, that he was quickly ordered to take down. He wanted to get word out to the crowds that were gathering there everyday, that the pavilion was happening at the same time.

In essence, I wasn't the only one who hadn't heard about the this, as attendance has apparently been very sparse -- so much so that this artisan felt the need to unofficially set up his tent like he did. It is unclear why word about it didn't get out, but it is too bad that it didn't, because having seen it myself, I can say that a lot of work and planning went into putting on this extensive and excellent event. It seems that the hard work to organize and execute it had been done but the step of publicizing the event had not adequately notified the public.

Anyway, it's not over yet, and there are still time for you to go and enjoy a very friendly, enriching and interesting experience.

In an area called the Cultural Village, there were some traditional houses set up, and a guided tour ...

aboriginal pavilion toronto

aboriginal pavilion cultural village guide

jacob charles sharing his knowledge aboriginal pavilion toronto

at aboriginal pavilion fort york toronto july 2015

leather working in the cultural village

While checking out a beautiful birch bark canoe, I was invited to learn how to finger weave. I loved it and look forward to doing more on own.

birchbark canoe

learning how to finger weave at aboriginal pavilion toronto

learning to finger weave at aboriginal pavilion 2015 toronto

half chevron finger weaving learned at aboriginal pavilion toronto

dwelling aboriginal pavilion toronto 2015

poster for pow wow saturday july 25th fort york toronto aboriginal pavilion

mural being painted onsite at aboriginal pavilion toronto

There was also a very nice shopping area ...

artisan booths at aboriginal pavilion toronto

artwork aboriginal pavilion toronto

dreamcatchers at aboriginal pavilion toronto

beadwork at aboriginal pavilion toronto

jewellery aboriginal pavilion toronto

moccasins at aboriginal pavilion toronto

tatanka boutique at aboriginal pavilion toronto

shopping at aboriginal pavilion toronto

↑ I bought a ring (shown below) in this booth. ↑

charger foods hot sauce at aboriginal pavilion toronto charles catchpole

↑ Chef Charles Catchpole of CharGer Foods

Being the lover of hot sauces that I am, I had to pick up a few kinds, after sampling the wide range of choices.

[Follow-up : These sauces were excellent. Highly recommended! I'm on the lookout for more.]

charger hot sauces made by aboriginal chef charles catchpole ontario canada

And here's my new dyed-agate and silver ring ...

ring purchased at aboriginal pavilion toronto

new ring

If you're in Toronto, I hope you'll check out this fun event.

Thanks for dropping over. Wishing you a great weekend!
xo loulou

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  1. Hollie says:

    Oh my gosh all that jewelry made my heart leap with joy!! I wanna be there right now!

    • Loulou says:

      That’s funny you should say that Hollie, because I was thinking of you as I was looking at all the jewelry. It was your style, for sure!

  2. Julie says:

    whoa, that looks like it was super fun!! And your new ring is sooo pretty. Love the colours of this event, all the photos just sing of summer!

  3. Vix says:

    I’d love to go to an event like that, not only interesting and educational but fun and with some wonderful things to buy.
    I love the ring. xxx

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