Ebay Calling : A Feather Necklace and Fancy Scissors

I received a couple of small packages from ebay last week that I thought I’d share.

I was after a long silver coloured chain for a few pendants that I have. The key word was long, because I was looking for one to use with a few larger pendants that I wanted to wear over a turtleneck sweater and have them dangle a bit. So for $5.99 I used the ‘buy it now’ feature on ebay to get this 28 inch stainless steel one. I really like stainless steel chains because they contain no nickel (like silver ones do) and therefore don’t irritate my skin. It’s weird .. I can wear silver rings but earrings and necklaces cause an allergic reaction for me. Also, steel remains nice and shiney, very closely resembling white gold (which I can’t justify spending the big bucks on considering the length of chain I was looking for).

And since the same vendor was also offering this lovely (also stainless steel) feather pendant also for $5.99 I added that to my purchase, for no additional postage cost. (To give you an idea of scale, it is 2 inches long.) Whenever I find a must-have item on ebay, I always take a look at the other items the vendor is offering because most of the time you can just add them to your package at the cost of the bid, without any significant increase in postage and handling cost. That’s me … always trying to stretch those dollars ;)

The second package contained 4 pairs of scissors that make a fancy edge. Yes, they are for children, however I like to use them to make greeting cards. These are by the company that makes a wide range of cutting tools, called Fiskars. I first became aware of this company when we moved into a home with a yard that required pruning and trimming. After wasting money on gardening tools that (a) didn’t cut well (b) didn’t last long, I discovered the beauty in spending more money for excellent gardening tools. My pruning sheers and long-handled loppers have lasted a good long time and are sweet to work with, making the job fun and satisfying. (Hmmm .. perhaps I should have prefaced that paragraph with a “Nerd Alert” warning! lol)

So I was interested in seeing how their fancy-edge scissors worked, and my verdict is a ‘thumbs-up’. I have another pair by a different brand that does almost the same pattern as one of these new pairs and the Fiskars make much cleaner easier cut. These were used but you’d never know it. All in all, I see this as $11 for 4 pairs including postage, money well spent!

Do you shop on ebay and have you found any treasures there recently?
xo loulou