Eddie Boy during the reno

Thought I’d fill you in on what Eddie was up to during the kitchen renovation period.

He’s a very friendly fellow and greets anyone who comes into the house, so the workmen got to know him quite well and said hello to him by name when they came in. I once overheard one of the guys having an all out conversation with him. “Hello Eddie. How are you today? Do you like the new kitchen?”.

But most of the time it was quite loud with the saws and everything, so he hung out behind closed doors with us in our home office, mostly sleeping at his window-seat. Or sometimes on the floor and we’d have to be very careful not to roll over him when we moved our chairs, constantly letting each other know, “cat alert .. he’s right behind you”. He snores pretty loudly and one day Nick said out of nowhere .. “If you’re going to pull that saxophone out, please learn to play it properly!”

One evening we couldn’t find him anywhere, which is pretty odd because he usually stays close by and never hides. I finally found him in the kitchen sitting on the workmens’ padded blanket. He had found a way to get behind the plastic draping they had hung to keep the dust from getting all over the house!

As did we, he enjoyed many the meal outdoors. Here he is having his favourite … chicken and cheese. He usually gets a special kibble for his less than optimal … well, let’s just say he needs to have special food. But for a treat he gets some soft food which he really likes.

While hanging out on the deck he usually snagged the best chair and grumbled a bit when one of us asked to sit in it.

He also kept up with his job of surveying the property ;) He likes to regularly walk the fence.

All in all, he was not bothered or frightened by the big change going on around him. Good boy, Eddie.