Eddie in a Bag

Happy Caturday! =↑..↑=

Impromptu visitors to our home would think we were very bad housekeepers because there are bits of trash all over! As I type, there is a bag left out from a Valentine’s gift (pictured after Ed determined it was a perfect spot to sit!), but also candy wrappers from Quality Street Chocolates on the floor from Christmas, as well as a cardboard triangular box from a mini Toblerone bar.

I first realized that Eddie loves when we have Quality Street candies, after I received some as a gift from work a few years ago. Nick and I ate a few and as a joke, tossed the brightly coloured cellophane wrappers at each other. They ended up on the floor and the next day I swept them up along with the other dust that needed sweeping. I got everything into a nice pile and went to get the dust pan. On my way, the phone rang and I had a brief conversation. When I got back to my chore, I found that the whole pile of dust I had swept together was all messed up, and the candy wrappers removed and pushed around the room. There were some under the furniture and lodged into the corners. Eddie had found them and decided they made excellent toys. Since that time, I have bought him some for special occasions and they are always a big hit. We eat the chocolates, and he gets the wrappers. I have to remind Nick not to clean them up!

It is a similar story with the Toblerone bar box. We had the chocolate over Christmas and the box ended up on the floor. And then for days, it was pushed too and fro, very enthusiastically! So we have saved it for him and he plays with it regularly.

Full disclosure about our less than stellar housekeeping though .. it cannot all be blamed on the cat!