Happiness is Being One of the Gang

I know there are other Peanuts specials, aside from the one for Halloween called, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, but for me, that is the one that left an indelible memory. In order to explain why this one is so special, allow me to describe a scenario …

It is late October and a little girl and her family are gathered around the television, waiting for the Charlie Brown special to begin. Half way through the program, one of the brothers notices something that everyone else in the room has yet to notice. He announces what he has spotted stating loudly, “Louise is crying”. And it was true, the girl (me) was crying because what was happening in the show was just so sad.

I simply could not take the idea of the gentle sweet boy, Charlie Brown, going trick-or-treating with his friends, and at every single house, while the others received nice treats, the boy only got rocks put into his bag. Why were these grown-ups only giving him rocks? I didn’t understand. Poor Charlie.

I still can’t watch that show, though I think I’d be able to hold back my tears now. But the truth is, I love that I was a child who had such empathy that this scene would make me cry.

I remember, the next year that it was on, being tense and agitated about it all day long, even though I wanted to experience the treat of seeing the cartoon. Moments before it came on though, my mother sent me to another room. I felt I was being punished but now I know that she wanted to spare me the grief of seeing Charlie go door-to-door for his rocks.

Good grief, indeed, Charlie Brown. :'(

Without knowing this story my sweet grandmother sent my sister and me each a Peanuts sheets and pillow-case for Christmas one year. I liked them (obviously, as I have held onto them) but truthfully there was a picture on the sheet which I totally did not like at all. That being the one where mean old Lucy is pulling the ball out just as Charlie is going to kick it, so he ends up falling on this back. And the image I liked best? That would be when Snoopy is sticking his tongue out at the bully.

See how Eddie doesn’t seem to like Lucy either?!

Happy Caturday =↑..↑=