It’s Caturday! Eddie has his Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving in Canada is this week-end, which is a lot earlier than in the United States. This is because it gets colder sooner here and therefore the harvest is earlier. Though seriously, you’d never know it by the temperature out there today! It is gorgeous and very warm. We were just out for a walk and when I got home all hot, I changed into a tank-top and shorts, and popped open a nice cold beer!

Nick and I will be going to my sister’s place for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow, (her first turkey cooking!), and Eddie won’t be coming along so he enjoyed his special meal today. On the menu was his all-time favourite, Turkey and Cheese, the Turkey being so appropriate for Thanksgiving!. (He only gets a small serving of this once a day because he is on a special diet). I swear, I hardly had a chance to get the photographs I wanted before he had gobbled it all up! In fact, I would have liked one that wasn’t a close-up but didn’t have time to take it!

For dessert he had some treats. The word ‘treat’ is the absolute only word he ever responds to with a head-jerk reaction. I usually use them as a bribe to get him to come inside if it’s late and he’s being stubborn and we want to go to bed, or if he’s in a stand off with another cat. And it works really well. Not long ago he was all angry with fur on-end and his tail as big as a salami. In truth, I am afraid to pick him up when he’s like that, but I have had to in the past and it wasn’t fun, though he has never hurt me. But now I don’t have to pick him up when he’s like this anymore because all I have to do is say the word ‘treat’ in a certain voice and he’ll huff angrily at his opponent and follow me home.

I actually don’t know why he bothers getting in fights at all. I know it’s in his nature and he is defending his turf etc. But honestly, he usually comes out the loser. Hence the little cut on his nose in these photographs.

And of course, for the special holiday meal he get’s a silver platter and a nice table cloth! Afterwards he crashed-out for a nap in a sunbeam. You know, it’s the turkey … it’s a natural sedative, right? Ya right Eddie … like you don’t go have a nap after every meal!