Game Playing : Skyrim

Nick and I are not big television watchers. We don’t have cable and I’m not exactly sure who Snookie is, except that I know how she wears her hair. There are some series that I’ve loved, namely Madmen and The L Word, but I watched those on Netflix after they had run on television.

However, that’s not to say that our television isn’t turned on for at least a couple of hours pretty well every day. That is due to our love of games. Currently we are both playing one called Skyrim on Xbox. You might remember from a previous post here, where I mentioned buying this game for Nick for Christmas. At the time of that post, I was playing L.A. Noir. I finished that one in early February and then took a game break for a few weeks. At the beginning of March, I began Skyrim, and what I can say about it is “Damn you, Skyrim!”. I don’t say that because it’s a bad game. No, I say it because it’s too good! I’ve spent every moment of my leisure time playing it lately, and have the urge to go play it again now!

This is a completely open-format game, so no two players would ever play it the same way. For example, in the shot of the river, I could go right and travel along the bank, and perhaps come upon a bear or a cave to explore. Or I could go into the water and go fishing, saving my catch to eat later when I need the energy. It is this wide-open format, to choose exactly what you want to do at any given time, that makes it so much fun. The quests seem to be endless and the ones I’ve done so far have been interesting.

For the record, I’m not addicted though, as I can stop, and do stop playing these games for long stretches of time. But the gist of this post is that they are really very fun. And research indicates that they are terrific for your brain, developing co-ordination, memory, strategy and logic, so I see it as exercise. Additionally they are very inexpensive entertainment, as more than one person can play them and after you’re done, you can usually find a game store that will buy them back and resell them secondhand, or you can trade with a friend.

Here are some stills from Skyrim I took this morning. The character pictured is my friend and helper, J’Zargo. I’ve chosen him for now because he’s a cool cat =↑..↑=

Oops, that last one isn’t a picture of the game … This is real life, and what our skyline looked like last night, with the full moon lingering around the CN tower.

Thanks for your visit. Hope you’re having a good Thursday! It’s gloomy and rainy out here. Beats a massive snowstorm though.
xo loulou