Alone but not Lonely

Nick, Eddie Boycat and I spent Christmas day on our own this year, as family scheduling meant celebrating with others will happen later in the week. This meant a small celebration with our own tiny family, with still more fun yet to come!

(1) Flannel pyjamas with polar bears!
(2) The Santa Sack I made for Nick a few years ago, and a new stocking for me this year.
(3) My morning coffee with the only candy cane I consumed this season. I love them, but one can only eat so many treats!
(4) Presents
(5) Some bubbly and freshly squeezed clementine juice … Wonderful!
(6) Boycat surveys (and plays in) the pile of wrapping paper set aside to be re-used next year. Am I the only person who opens gift with a pair of scissors at hand so I can cut the tape without tearing?
(7) Hmmm, what will Eddie be getting for Christmas?
(8)(9) Nick napped and I (finally) made the cookies I was meaning to make all week. Pistachio and Dried Cranberry … They’re delicious. Next year I’ll get my act together and share the recipe with you before it’s too late for cookie baking!

I hope you all had a pleasant day yesterday, regardless of whether you were celebrating Christmas or not!

With warm regards,