Dinner with our Friend Chops at Our Place


Our pal Chops came over for dinner last night and we had fondue. He is one of our best friends and it’s always a laugh when we get together. (Although you might not think so based on the looks on the faces in the above photo. Let’s just say they are laughing on the inside!)

He is a drummer and the three of us have been playing music together for 7 years now. Aside from one another, Chops is the person that Nick and I have spent the most time with in recent years, and in all that time never has a cross word has ever been spoken among us.

Given that this get together happened after dark, I was working with low light for the pictures. So inspired by the old 1940 movie, Grapes of Wrath, that Nick and I watched the previous evening, I decided to convert them to black and white. I had never seen that movie before and was most taken with the lighting style.

We have only had fondue a couple of times and thought it would be a fun meal to serve to company. And it was. It can be a little drippy so it is the one meal for which we use a plastic table cloth, and damn it is difficult finding a plain one. In fact, that tablecloth is also part of the reason I decided these photos would be better shown in black and white!

To accompany our meal I made this Quinoa Salad. It was a big hit and Nick took the leftovers to work for lunch today! Me, I am having some leftover dessert for lunch. (I mean, it has to get eaten, right?)















Thanks for dropping over.
xo loulou

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