Meeting an Online Friend in Real Life

I have written before about my true love for online friends. I feel so lucky to live at a time that we can form meaningful friendships with people from all over the world. I cherish these relationships and I know that most of you reading this feel the same way.

I also feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet some people that I first got to know online, in real life. So far I have met some sweet friends I first made some through Myspace. And have also had the pleasure of meeting a couple of people I first got to know through the online community Second Life, one from the United States, and one from Europe.

Nick and I often talk about our dream of one day traveling to Europe to meet some more of the wonderful people we know from Second Life, and such a trip is high on our to-do wish list for life. (I refuse to call it a bucket-list. That is so morbid! lol)

All this discussion leads up to a lovely time I had this past Saturday when I got together with a friend from the blogging community. She is the first person I have met through this blog! It was Laura from Yummy Laura.

Really, seeing one of these ‘people you know but not really’ eye-to-eye for the first time is much like going out on a blind date. Although you already know a lot about the person, actually meeting them is a whole different experience. As I headed out the door (in the pouring rain!) I was a bit nervous. Would we really get along in real life? Would we find things to talk about?

Well, I need not have been nervous, as the moment we met at the agreed upon street corner, we were comfortable with one another. And three solid hours of chatting in a coffee shop, confirmed that we had plenty to talk about.

We have both been keeping our blogs for about the same length of time, so had our experiences with that in common. And Laura has recently been living in France, so hearing about her exotic travels was very interesting.

By the time we pulled out our cameras at the end of the date, we had lost any good light, so ended up with some blurry shots, of two happy people.

And because today is Halloween Day, I thought you’d like this one. It is oh so flattering right? I used to make it. That program is lots of fun!

How about you? Have you ever met anyone you first became friends with online, in real life?

Thanks for visiting. Wishing those who will be participating in trick-or-treating tonight, a good time!
xo loulou