Much Love Monday : Hearts in a Window and Snow

For the Much Love Monday link-up over at Anna’s blog Much Love, my photo that includes a heart is this one I took last week of some precious artwork hung in a window for all to see.

My story about love involves a little trip I have just returned from, visiting my parents up north. I took the bus for this journey, stopping in many charming little towns along the way. I had brought a book along for the ride, but didn’t end up reading at all … I just gazed out the window, mesmerized by the scenery as it drifted by.

It was a pleasure to spend time with my mom and dad and their little dog Kiki. We didn’t do much, aside from going thrifting one day, visiting a craft brewery, and taking walks. For our little Academy Awards party, I made a platter of nachos, the first my mother had ever eaten (How is it that she had never tried nachos?). Much to my surprise, my father watched the program with us .. another first, for sure.

I loved seeing some snow, as we’ve had so remarkably little of it this year in the city. But what I loved more was watching the landscape change from cold, white and icy, to sunny, mild and dry as the bus brought me home again today.

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[Edit: Links to Much Love Monday have been removed because the site is no longer active.]