How to Make a Ribbon and Buttons Gift Topper


I imagine there will be quite a bit of gift wrapping going on over the next couple of days. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to decorate those packages and these gift toppers might fit the bill.

But if your holiday gifts are already all wrapped up, consider making one of these on other gifts you give throughout the year.

Requiring only a length of ribbon, one or two buttons and a piece of embroidery floss, they are are quick — about 6 minutes each — and easy to make.

Since I mail Christmas presents, I try to come up with cute wrapping that can be crammed into a box for sending and then will still look nice under the tree once they arrive at their destination. I also aim to make gift toppers that can be saved and reused.

According to my cousin, the packages I sent to her two children arrived in great shape. I got a kick when she quoted her nine year old son Owen — “Louise is such a fancy wrapper, I love her stylish wrapping!”




Supplies (to make one) :

– A 12 inch piece of ribbon that’s 1 1/2 inches wide. (Not the kind with the wired edges.)
– A 12 inch piece of embroidery thread.
– One or two buttons. If using two, they should layer together, one on top of the other, nicely.
– A needle.



What to do :

(1) Thread your needle and hand-sew along one side of the ribbon, with small in an out stitches.
(2) Move the ribbon on the thread so that it’s all squashed together (please see the pictures to see what I’m trying to say). Adjust the thread so you have the same length free at the beginning and end of the gathered ribbon.
(3) Tie the two ends of thread together in a good knot.
(4) Thread one end and pass it up and through the holes on the button(s). Then pass it back through the hole formed in the centre of the ribbon gathers.
(5) Repeat with the second end of the ribbon, going up and back through the button holes and through the centre hole in the ribbon piece.
(6) Tie another good knot.
(7) Use the two tails of thread to tie your decoration to ribbon of yarn on your package, or tape the ends down onto the gift.







↑ Good for all occasions. This is a birthday present for Nick. ↑


Thanks for checking out my post. If you’re celebrating, I hope you’re having a happy holiday season.
xo loulou