Bits and Pieces : August 2012

Hello and Welcome! It’s a holiday here, and we have no concrete plans. Just going to play it by ear. Love those kinds of days, right?!

These are a collection of pictures that I liked but didn’t find a spot to post during the month of August. Hope you like them too.

(1) A sweet elderly couple gave me this mirror which they had bought when it was brand new! The painting is my favourite velvet painting. Yes, I have more than one! lol, I have two and they are both quite spectacular. Why doesn’t anyone ever paint on velvet anymore?! I wish the subject wasn’t crying though.

(2) I always try to have at least one pot of cheerful Marigolds around the patio every summer. They remind me of my childhood, specifically when we were asked to bring a flower to kindergarden and tell everyone what it was called. I was absolutely convinced my Merigold was called a Merry-Go-Round and told the teacher that I thought she might be wrong when she tried to tell me otherwise!

(3) Came upon this funky white car while out for a walk. Oh, how I love stumbling upon the unexpected and quirky!

(4) This little cast-iron turtle is a souvenir from a trip to the west coast.

(5) Just one (wet) blossom from our hibiscus tree that has had a gazillion flowers this year. And it’s full of buds still waiting to bloom!

(6) Utensils I shot in the evening light while I was serving up a piece of home-baked apple pie recently. Pictures of the pie coming up soon.

(7) This portrait is of my friendly neighbour. She and her husband take an evening walk by our place and if we’re out we have a chat. They have lived in the area since they were first married, so know so much about the history. I first met them when they were taking a peek into our garden and pointing at something. I went out to say hello and it turns out that they were interested in a stray seedling from our maple tree that had sprouted. So I got my garden spade and dug it up for them. This was two summers ago and they planted it at their cottage, where it is now a strapping sapling, taller than she is.

(8) I liked the way these two motorcyclists looked so took a picture, but the setting in which I captured them is no reflection upon how I feel about the riding of motorcycles!

(9) A piece of my Fuschia plant that I accidentally broke off while sweeping the deck. Couldn’t stand seeing it go to waste so plopped it into some water in my vintage parfait glass. I simply love blue glass, don’t you? The hand-crocheted doily is part of a pair found in the drawer of a bureau I once got at an antique shop.

(10) Some maple leaves. I thought I’d get a shot of them while they were green because they won’t be for long!

(11) The blue moon taken on August 31st. Did you know that it was called a blue moon because it was the second full moon in one month? As the saying ‘once in a blue moon’ goes, this doesn’t happen often and the next one won’t be until July 2015! I knew I needed a long exposure and a tripod to get a decent shot of it, so ventured out with my gear. (I usually don’t bring my tripod out when hitting the streets for some picture taking.) Anyway, it was a busy Friday night in downtown Toronto so I got myself cutely dressed and went out. I set up and was taking my shots, which attracted the attention of people around me. One nice looking fellow came over to talk. As we were chatting and laughing about the song ‘Blue Moon’ (and singing a phrase in unison), we both noticed a bad smell floating about. Turns out we were standing near a garbage bin frequented by dog-walkers and their poop-bags! Talk about awkward! Have you ever told someone who might think you smell bad that it’s not you who smells like that?!

Haha, and because I’m such a class-act, I will end this post on that note. :)
If you too are enjoying a holiday today, I hope it’s a fun day. And if not, I still hope you have some fun.
Thanks very much for visiting. xo loulou