Bits and Pieces : June 2013

Hi! Here is the monthly post where I put the shots which didn’t find a home in any other post during the month. I try to make them interesting and I hope you think they are.












( 1) Fresh Baked Bread. Took this beside the beer store on Dundas Street while Nick was inside returning bottles and grabbing a case of Steam Whistle beer because our friend and drummer Chops was coming over for a bbq. Our band is called The Rails so we drink Steam Whistle beer because of the name but mostly because it’s really good. And it’s brewed just down the street in the middle of Toronto.

( 2) Bathtub Flowers. This old claw-foot bathtub probably came out of the 120 year old house that it sits in front of. Every year the elderly couple who live there plant a few flowers in it. Cheers me up every time I see it. Just a few door over there lived another elderly man who loved his garden dearly. On my walk the other day I noticed the blinds are all drawn in that second house and there is a picture of the man in the front window.

( 3) Blackbird (or is it a crow?) in a Dead Tree. This is the only ‘Bits and Pieces’ shots that was taken on our holiday to the west coast. The tree that is alive is called an ‘Arbutus’ tree. In Canada they are only found toward the south along the west coast growing on the exposed rocky edges of the Pacific ocean. Arbutus are the only native broadleaf evergreen tree found in Canada. (I got the details here.)

( 4) Patriotic House. This house was recently sold and the new family has moved in. I’m not sure if they are particularly patriotic (Canada’s Birthday, which we call Canada Day, was on July 1st) or if they are people who like to go all-out decorating their home for holidays and events. I’ll keep you apprised on that but I hope it’s the later and I truly enjoying the sight of overly decorated houses.

( 5) Building with the Sun. I got this picture through the sun-roof of our car when we were on our way uptown (a trip that included lunch as described in this post).

( 6) In the Park at Night. Here we were walking through the park at night. Although it looks dark and empty it’s a very safe park and there were groups of people beyond my camera lens, out enjoying the evening.

( 7) Trashed Foosball. I have played this game so rarely (if ever?) that I misspelled it when I named the image. Fuseball anyone? This well used game was put out in someone’s trash. I am a taker of good trash, but this game was left behind for someone else to find.

( 8) Tabletop Reflection. Speaking of good trash … Here is a perfect tempered glass round table-top that I came upon. Guess what Nick dawning a pair of work-gloves returned to help me carry home later? True, he did all the carrying.

( 9) Street Scene Spadina and Richmond. Although this area has changed in recent years, it was once the centre of the sewing trade in Toronto, so on this corner someone (I’d love to know who) is keeping this memory alive, by regularly freshening up the painted measuring tape that wraps all the way around the corner. Also, behind the tree there is a sculpture of a huge button and thimble.

(10 & 11) Skyscraper Window Washer. I know this series of pictures is only supposed to include one shot of each scene but I just couldn’t pick the better shot of these two taken on King Street. I have heard that there are many buildings in the city that are constantly in a cycle of being washed because they are so vast. Apparently as soon as the window washer finishes the cycle, they just go right back up and begin all over again. I used to work in such buildings and always found it funny when working at my desk and suddenly hearing some noise behind me and then turning to see a hanging man out there. I always had the urge to wave at him.

Thanks very much for taking a look. Wishing you a great day (and Happy Independence Day to my American friends).
xo loulou