Live Theatre : A Unique Twist on A Christmas Carol

When my friend Andrea asked if I’d like to see a play on Saturday night, in which her buddy Matthew was performing, I didn’t hesitate before saying “yes”.

She speaks about this friend of hers and his lady, also called Andrea, with much fondness, so in addition to wanting to see the play, I was also looking forward to meeting them. And now, after having done so, I see why she holds them is such high regard.

The play was an original take on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, which happens to be my favourite Christmas movie. This version came with a unique twist, in that it was more about the people working at an old-time radio station, as they put on a live broadcast of A Christmas Carol.

It was performed by Toronto’s Alexander Showcase Theatre Group, and staged at The Alumnae Theatre on Berkeley Street.

The building was something to see in itself, being one of Toronto’s first fire halls. This Wiki list of “Toronto’s Oldest Buildings Still Standing”, states that it was built in 1859. I found it interesting to discover that eight of Toronto’s oldest buildings are located on Berkeley Street, considering it’s a relatively short one, only 1.9 kilometres long going from Carlton Street down to The Esplanade. This is a result of it being part of what was the heart of the city when it was first developing, and that so many of the historic buildings built along it were thankfully saved from the wrecking ball over the centuries.

↑ See that neat window on the right, photographed from the inside. ↑

↑ They still had the original wooden lockers used by the fire fighters. ↑

↑ … and the fire pole (however, I imagine it was moved to this location.)

↑ Photos weren’t allowed during the performance but I sneaked a couple during the curtain call. ↑

The play was excellent and I wish I could encourage you to go see it, however, its 12 day run ended on Sunday.

After the show, Andrea and I joined many of the cast and their friends, for drinks and snacks at a bar around the corner from the theatre.

↑ Andrea’s friend Matt is the one on the left. ↑

↑ Some members of the Alexander Showcase Theatre group ↑

The whole night was a really good time and I’m so glad I went.

Thanks for checking out my post. Have a great weekend!
xo loulou