An Afternoon with my Sister and What I Wore

Last week my sister and I had lunch together and then went shopping. It rained on and off throughout but we had our umbrellas so we didn’t get wet.

We went to the same restaurant I’d been to a few days earlier with my friends, called Shanghai Cowgirl. Both times, this was the place selected by my dates but that was ok with me. After lunch we headed along Queen Street West for some shopping! There are all kinds of great little shops in the area. I didn’t buy anything on this trip though and instead helped my sis pick out a few things.

As I mentioned it was very soggy out, so I wore some weather appropriate shoes. Yes, umm, these are made of foam. I must admit that I was very reluctant to try Crocs when they first came out, but my friend insisted that I must try a pair as house shoes/slippers. So a few years ago I got some of those clod-hopper garden shoe type. And while I’ve never worn them further than the end of our driveway, they truly do make terrific summertime house shoes.

The ones I wore for shopping in the rain are my second pair of Crocs. I saw this cute ballerina style worn by a woman on the street earlier this summer and immediately walked over to the Crocs store and bought a pair. They’re great. Very comfortable for long walks and perfect for rainy days! And I was so convincing and happy with my choice of footwear that my sister bought herself the very same pair on this shopping trip, only in a nice deep purple colour.

My polka dotted skirt is also new this summer and an item I’ve worn a lot so far. I found it at a store called Winners and wanted it right off, because of the dots. Until this outing I had only ever paired it with a plain black tee-shirt, but this day I decided to live a little and add some colour, in the form of bright embroidery on this shirt.

I completed the outfit with a beaded plastic bracelet and this multi coloured vintage purse which I scored off of ebay.

I know a discussion on umbrellas could be boring but it is worth mentioning that this one folds up so small … a mere 6 inches, that fits easily into my purse. It is made by Fulton and is also very sturdy, as I have used it a lot and it shows no sign of wear. I bought it a few years ago especially for a trip I was taking to Scotland. I think it was a lucky charm on that trip because in the whole two weeks I was there I didn’t need it once! It’s funny that I bought it here in Canada, to bring to Britain, when my research just found that it was manufactured there.