Hot Times at Sneaky Dee’s


My friend Meghan and I had made plans to hang out recently, and tossed a few ideas around for what to do. We had a few good options : playing a game of pool at The Rivoli, checking out a local band in Kensington Market, seeing Jean-Michel Basquiat’s art at the gallery or catching a stand up comedy variety show on Queen Street West. We emailed back and forth throughout the afternoon, trying to make a decision. Then I suggested going to Sneaky Dee’s and hit the jackpot. To quote Meghan, “Sneaky Dee’s sounds like HEAVEN!”. An evening spent in that comfortable environment, eating tasty food and drinking good beer, combined with the promise of a nice long chat sounded just right to both of us.




Sneaky’s has been open since the ’80s, so anyone who grew up in this city or went to the University of Toronto, knows the place well. So many people I know have loads of stories about times spent in the restaurant on the main floor, or upstairs in the live music venue. It’s open late, so I remember many the Saturday night/Sunday morning spent sharing nachos with friends, after going out dancing. Nick used to go there too and we once figured out that there was a very high likelihood that we were both there at the exact same time, before we’d met each other.

And speaking of nachos, they are credited with having the best in town on several sites about the city. So, naturally, that’s what we ate. We shared a platter of their Veggie option, with sour-cream on the side.


We mentioned we liked it hot and the friendly server brought over a bottle of each of their four house-made hot sauces. They were all really good and we were hard pressed to choose a favourite, but in the end Meghan gave the nod to the Chipotle one, and I to the Scotch Bonnet one.


To drink we had a pitcher of locally brewed beer called Cool. Their motto (found on their site here) is that ‘You are what you drink’. We’re good with that.




Sneaky Dee’s is a place you never forget, either because your time spent there is carved in your memory, or your name is carved in one of their tables or benches.

We had a great time talking about everything and were surprised to look at our watches and realize that we’d been there for over three hours. We still want to see the Basquiat show together, so as we hugged goodbye we made a tentative date to do that soon.

Thanks for checking out my post. I hope you have a great weekend!
xo loulou