Out for Lunch : Sushi!

If you like sushi and you are hungry when you read this, I must apologize because it might make you even more hungry! Sushi lovers crave the stuff, right?!

We went out to our favourite Japanese spot for lunch the other day, Izmi at 714 Queen Street West, where the food is really good and the woman who runs it is delightful. She always has a warm smile and friendly wave for us when we come in.

A funny story about one interaction we had with her once … she came over to our table to say hello and speaking to me, said that the man I was with was a different man, implying that I had been there at other times with a man other than my husband! Nick used to have much longer hair and had gotten it cut so she didn’t recognize him, but if there had been any cheating in our relationship, I would have been busted!

(That’s not to say that I never have lunch with male friends without Nick, but certainly not often enough that the staff at a restaurant would get to know who I was out with!)

Anyway, we got the nice table in the window where we got a good view of the street and the creative and interesting people who live and work in the area, and enjoyed a leisurely lunch of miso soup, tempura, sushi and rolls, sake and green tea. It totally took care of my craving!

Do you like sushi or is the thought of eating raw fish unappealing? If you do, are you good with the chopsticks?!

xo loulou