Caturday Goes to the Dogs : Here’s Kiki

Well, this week’s Caturday post goes to one dog in particular. Please meet Kiki! She is a happy chihuahua who lives with my mom and dad. Kiki was a rescue from a puppy mill in the United States someplace, and was placed with my parents through an organization called Precious Paws. She was a breeder who, according to the vet, appears to have had many pups. We don’t know exactly how old she is, but she acts like a puppy herself!

She was adopted after my parents lost their beloved Cairn Terrier, Duffy, a couple of years ago. He had been their first dog ever and was welcomed into their home as a newborn. He lived a happy life and when he died my parent’s were understandably quite sad. And then came Little Miss Kiki Girl! She has just made herself right at home and is very loved.