Dog Spotting While Out and About

I’m taking this week’s pet related post to the streets. Here are some dogs I’ve seen lately.

This shepherd was spotted waiting and relaxing in Kensington Market on Friday.


The part I like the best about this picture was a complete fluke I only noticed when looking at the it later. I had no idea I was being watched by the dog’s person. As least I assume that is who is looking out the window at the top left. It’s almost as though the mural on the wall is a painting of that same person.


Here’s a little wiry Jack Russel I met up with going into the thrift store on Tuesday (a post about my finds is coming up!). Such a good dog, quietly waiting for his mama, who was just at the checkout as I entered the store, so we talked a bit about her cute boy, named Buddy.




This is a picture I nabbed from the car (I was the passenger) on our way home from the thrift store.


I got this picture of a pug having a drink of water outside a Starbucks last month. Here’s a bit of a weird story surrounding this shot … the dog’s leash hadn’t been connected properly and as I was taking the picture it fell right off so he was completely untethered. But I didn’t want to reconnect it because the owner who very likely could see me from inside, would think that I was messing with her pet. So instead I moved away a few steps and watched to make sure he didn’t run off, until she came out. In the end, he hadn’t even noticed he was free to roam.


Here’s hoping you’re having a great weekend. I have plans to go to a Christmas Market with a friend today. I’ve never been to one before so have no idea what to expect, but am looking forward to the adventure.

xo loulou