6 Things I Did Right and 3 Not So Right : A First Try at a Street-Style Post


In walking about the streets of Toronto I often pass interestingly dressed people who I would have loved to photograph and shown here. Such images float in my mind as ‘ones that got away’, and I can still clearly remember some of the outfits and individuals I would have loved to capture. But alas, they are mere memories.

However the other day, after crossing the street behind these two girls I got up my nerve to ask them if they would pose for me. They agreed without hesitation and I got these (what I think are) cute shots. But my first attempt at Street-Style Photography was a learning experience and afterwards I had a list of things in my head that I didn’t get quite right. Of course, I was happy that I’d been bold enough to get the pictures and felt that some things had been done right too.

So in order to remind myself for next time, and to pipe in with my thought on the subject if you too have a desire to take some pictures of outfits you see strangers wearing, here are my lists of what I did right and what I didn’t quite get right. I am happy with what I got here but completely acknowledge I’m no Bill Cunningham or Sartorialist!


Let’s start with the positive:

Taking Street Style Pictures : What Went Right

(1) After admiring them from behind (and sneaking a picture while they crossed the street), I got up the nerve to ask them if they would pose for my blog.
(2) I had my camera all set and ready and took the pictures really quickly, so as not to take up much of their time. They didn’t even miss their light to cross the street.
(3) Along the same line, I quickly looked around to see what the best background and lighting on that particular corner would be. Without asking them to move, I moved myself so they would turn to face the camera and therefore I’d get the best shots I could in the available conditions. I agree that the background is quite busy and not optimal to showcase the outfits but this particular corner is busy and bustling with foot and vehicle traffic. (The locale was the SE corner of King and Spadina and that colourful building behind them is one of the oldest in the city, previously discussed in this post.)
(4) I took more than one picture so there would be a better chance of getting a good one.
(5) I made sure to step back far enough to get a full body shot and therefore include footwear. (Oh ok, I could have improved on that point by a couple of inches.)
(6) I remembered to thank them for allowing me to take their picture.

Taking Street Style Pictures : What Went Wrong

(1) I didn’t have the name and URL of my blog written down on some paper that I could give them, so they could see their pictures later. (I know that some blog creators have business cards but I don’t think I’m at the point yet that I need some, but at the very least I should hand-make some cards to be able to give out in cases like this.)
(2) I forgot to ask them their names. (Although if I had I would have only posted their first names to protect their privacy.)
(3) The outfit detail that first caught my eye as we crossed the street was the cute fish-shaped purse that the girl in the stripes was carrying. ‘What purse?’, you may be asking? My point exactly … I forgot to take a picture of that detail.

So, twice as many ‘What Went Right” points than ‘What Went Wrong’ is not bad. But the things I did wrong are pretty major errors, so I hope to remember them for next time I try one of these types of shoots. Also, if you have any more suggestions of how I could have done a better job of this, please leave them in the comments.


↑↑The sneaky shot taken before speaking to them.↑↑

Oh yes, and serious hair envy much?

Thanks for taking a look.
xo loulou