A Sunday Walk and then Out for Dinner


I’m not sure about where you live, but this summer our weather has been rather iffy. So when a sunny Sunday afternoon rolls around, you take advantage of that and get out there!

We decided to take a walk through the park (Trinity Bellwoods)




Unlike the last time we headed out for an aimless Sunday afternoon walk and then ended up at a restaurant where I felt somewhat more casually dressed than I would have liked to be, (seen here), this time we had predetermined that the walk would include dinner out somewhere, so I dressed knowing that.

I could pretend I had some nice shoes on with my skirt and vintage accessories, but the truth is I was wearing comfortable shoes and socks for walking. At least they matched!

A little more on that topic is that I couldn’t walk in dressy shoes anyway, as I’ve had something wrong with my foot for a while now, resulting from a bad sprain a couple of years ago, and am having surgery for it. My operation is this coming Tuesday … eep. I’m not at all sure when I’ll be back on my feet again and I’m certain comfortable footwear is in my future for a while yet.


Then we walked along Dundas Street




We decided to have dinner at The Lakeview Restaurant. (I wrote about this place, which opened in 1932, here, after we’d gone there with our friends Julie and Guy.)

The outdoor patio was full so we ate inside.






To eat I had a sandwich with roasted vegetables, goat cheese and coriander pesto, on dark rye bread. Nick had beef filet. We both had beer to drink. This place has good food that is reasonably priced.


They had this vintage Seeburg Consolette table-side jukebox on display. I imagine these must have been installed at the tables way back when.


Thanks for dropping by,
xo loulou