Cats: Takin’ it to the Streets II

Hello! Thought we’d take this week’s ‘Saturday is Caturday’ to the streets. Here are some feline related images found around town lately.

(1) Cat and cut-offs – Queen Street West (2) Hello Kitty Balloon – Chinatown (3) The Catwatch Continues – King West and Bathurst (4 & 5) Pew Pew Cat – Dundas Street West (6) Stencil on the sidewalk – Queen Street West (7) Snagglepuss on someone’s house (8) Cat on a blue house (9) Cat on a fence in Kensington (10) Cat prints in cement

I did a similar post previously, which is here – Takin’ it to the Streets I if you’d like to take a look.

Here’s hoping you’re having a great week-end. Boycat Eddie will return next week.
xo loulou