City Walk: Kensington Market

Toronto is blessed with a neat part of town called Kensington Market, where you will find several streets with all kinds of shops and stalls selling fresh foods, funky mostly vintage clothes, cafes and restaurants.  It’s a vibrant bustling colourful place, that we feel fortunate to experience often, as this is where we do the majority of our grocery shopping.  We walk there because we like to, but if we were to drive it would be crazy trying to find parking!   This means we go fairly frequently, because we can only carry so much home!

Here are some photos taken during today’s trip.

We hadn’t eaten when we arrived, so we first stopped at a Portuguese Restaurant called Amadeus, where we sat outdoors on their lovely patio, from where we could enjoy the myriad of interesting sights going on all around!  We had some calamari, which was excellent.  Although this place has been here forever, this was my first time ever going in, as our usual trips to the market are with one thing in mind … hunting and gathering!  It was a fun experience and the food was good and very reasonably priced.

Many of the city’s chefs order their ingredients in the market.

[Nick is thinking .. “Okay Louise, enough rubber necking … let’s get our stuff and go!”]

My beloved in-laws sent me the purple blouse from the west coast, for my birthday. It’s such a nice light cotton and pretty colour. Thanks S&J xo