Themed Thursday : Squirrels and Acorns

When a pretty squirrel kindly stopped its busy work to give me a few pictures last week, I knew that this week’s theme had to include squirrels. I have been unsuccessfully trying to get a decent squirrel shot all summer long, with no luck at all, so I was very happy when this one stayed still long enough to be photographed.

And so resulted the theme of “Squirrels and Acorns”.

(1,2,3) The above-mentioned squirrel <3 Cute right?!(4) A small souvenir of a time long ago. I have had this very acorn for more than half my life. I saved it from a walk (in High Park for those who know Toronto). It has been with me through 7 moves and I knew exactly where to find it when I wanted to photograph it today! I wonder if it would still grow into a tree if I planted it, though I don't want to try it and see, for then the acorn would be no more.(5) And while we are on the subject of faded memories, I received this sugar bowl and milk jug from the friend of the mother of a boy I once went out with. That relationship is long over and I now have no contact with this family, however I still cherish the lifelong influence of the poised and strong women who were in his life.(6) When I had decided on the theme, I knew I had to head over to Queen Street West to get a photo of the sign at The White Squirrel Coffee Shop (located at 905 Queen Street West), so I took a walk over yesterday. This shop pays homage to a line of unique and scarce white squirrels who have lived for generations in the park across the street (Trinity Bellwoods). But before I shot the sign I ventured into the park to see if maybe, just maybe, I could catch a glimpse and get a picture of the rare white creature. (Note: I have seen one a few years ago and was quite amazed!) It was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday so I had a beautiful walk all around the park and got plenty of photos for an upcoming post I am planning. But, no white squirrel. Then, when I was back on the street taking the pictures at the coffee shop, a guy and his mom approached to tell me they had just seen one, and he had the photos on his 'phone to prove it! (7) An opportunist entry to the theme! On the way to the park/coffee shop I passed a beautiful place for paper lovers called aptly 'The Paper Store', and their window just happened to have acorns painted on it!(8) Oops ... wrong nut.(9) I found these cute woodland creature stickers the other day, and DIY'd these note cards, using plain polka-dotted card-stock, some construction paper and some salvaged brown envelope paper from some recently received bills :/ Many thanks for your visit!