To the the Market we will Go : What I Wore

Hello my friends. Hope you’re having a great Thursday. So far so good here!

I have mentioned before that we go to Kensington Market for our vegetables and other fresh foods, but I don’t believe I’ve ever shown you what type of outfit I wear when out and about just doing everyday stuff. Actually, I had not intended to turn this particular trip, taken yesterday, into an outfit post, but uncharacteristically Nick was in a picture taking mood on the way! He is usually much more of a get in, get what you need, and get out type of guy when we go to the market!

… and yes, I did get the hairy eyeball (what a saying!) for dawdling and taking some ‘must-have’ shots. If I miss what I think would make a great photo, it feels like a loss that I’ll think about a long time afterwards. So I have to stop. Full disclosure … I was left behind and ended up walking halfway home by myself! And I was carrying two heaping bags, that just kept feeling heavier and heavier as I walked along. I had been over-zealous in my volunteering to carry more than I usually do, after-all it was I who wanted all those plums. Plums!

Anyway, as I trundled along on my own, I regretted letting Nick get away, because I would have gladly offloaded a couple of the huge red peppers I was carrying! We usually follow roughly the same route every time we go, so I could actually see him wayyy ahead of me all the way home, but there was no way I could catch up.

Back to the outfit, this is what has been my typical ‘about town during the day’ type of outfit this summer. I tend to cover up quite a bit because my skin is very sun sensitive, so instead of wearing more sunscreen than I have to, I just opt for covering up! The skirt has a shirred elastic waste (it was actually a baby-doll strapless sundress that I altered because it was way too short for me in its original state.) Underneath it I am wearing light weight lingerie bicycle shorts (love those!). The tee is one of the dozen or so black tees that I have in all kinds of shapes and lengths. Black tee-shirts are a staple in my wardrobe, for sure.

And the shoes? Not very glam, but comfortable and necessary for such a walk. As I type that, I am reminded of Taza of Rockstar Diaries recently saying that no matter how much walking she will do around her new home in New York City, she “will not do tennis shoes”! Lol, I agree with her, but man it is tough to find comfortable and durable walking shoes that look good with skirts and dresses.

This building that we pass to and from the market, is a neat one. It is now a theatre but was originally built as a bakery and stables in 1902. I love how it is immersed right into the neighbourhood. (I previously did a post about it here).

I did take a number of interesting pictures in the market that I’ll save for another post but thought I’d show you these Candy Cane Beets. We didn’t buy any but I was tempted. We couldn’t really carry any more than we bought though. Talk about the opposite of beauty being only skin deep.

Thanks for dropping over.
xo loulou