Themed Thursday : Fish

Before I go any further on this Themed Thursday post which features the topic of fishes, I want to apologize in case I make you overly envious because of the great stuff I have. I am kidding, but it did strike me as funny when I began taking stock of the humorous items I owned that are fish related.

(1) I originally had 6 of these glass fishes, that I bought at a neat kitchy shop in my old neighbourhood at Ossington and Bloor.

(2) I did not know that there were male mermaids until I got this pair of vintage chalkware wall hangings. They do look like boys, right?

(3) I scored these 6 plates, plus the platter at a sale some guys were having in their art studio/warehouse a while back. Actually, they threw them in with some other things I bought. They couldn’t believe I liked them and laughed all the while as I carried them away!

(4) I bought this tee shirt as a teen and it is very likely the item of clothing I have owned for the longest period of time. And I still wear it too! And everytime I do, someone has a kind word to say about it. Probably because they feel sorry for me.

(5) We happen to have three fish related reference books in our library.

(6) Getting fishy in Kensington Market.