Themed Thursday : Orange and Black

For today’s series of photographs, the theme of ‘Black and Orange’ was selected because it’s Halloween. I wanted the extra challenge of not actually using Halloween props though.

(1) This glass bowl, marked ‘Kosta Boda’, was a gift from my dear friend Stella. She and I go back further than any other friend I still regularly keep in touch with.
(2) I have mentioned before that I have a large collection of old Kinder Surprise Toys. A Kinder Egg was always my first choice for a treat when I was young. Not so much for the chocolate, but for the treasure that lay hidden inside that inner plastic egg. I haven’t had one in years now, so am not sure if the prizes are as good as they once were. This example features a silly monkey, whose expression changes as you move his tail.
(3) Detail of the necklace I bought a while back at a boutique called Red Pagasis, (located on College Street, north side, just west of Grace Street). It has a magic ability, in that it appears to be glowing when worn. I’ve had many people ask me how this happens, including a stranger in a restaurant once. It is just the cut and colour of the stones that make for this optical illusion. No batteries required!
(4) I have 6 of these vintage delicate tiny liquor glasses, each one being a different colour. When I bought them on ebay, I had full intention of putting them in regular circulation and actually using them. But in reality I’m afraid to break one, so they only come out for special occasions.
(4b)A Lucite ring that I picked up at a yard sale. It’s from the 70s!
(5) Some linen cocktail napkins. Don’t you just love linen? I’m on the look-out for linen bed sheets but the only ones I’ve found so far cost a small fortune!

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my blog and look at my photos. I really appreciate it! xo loulou