A Happy Sunday Morning

I would have to say that my favourite beverage is coffee.  It would be the thing I’d miss the most if stranded on a desert island.  I take it with a lot of milk and a little bit of sugar.

↑ Paper plates courtesy of ongoing kitchen renovations! ↑

This beautiful Sunday morning finds me treated to a trio of my favourite things … The java as mentioned, the New York Times (that Nick goes out early to pick up every week, as they don’t deliver it here and the shop only gets a few copies so you have to get there early to nab one), and my most preferred sandwich … Smoked Salmon and cream cheese on a toasted bagel, served with fresh lemon, capers and thinly sliced onion. Love it!

Making this all extra perfect is my love to the right of me and the boy-cat to the left. 

I’m actually up a little earlier than usual for a Sunday morning, as people living in downtown Toronto were woken at 8am by the sounds of a car-race going on along the waterfront.  This happens one weekend every summer and sounds like a swarm of angry bees buzzing around and around! I hear it’s quite fun and interesting to watch, but I’ve never been. Maybe next year … umm, but then again, 8am on a Sunday morning? Maybe not!

Toronto Indycar Race

I hope you’re having a great Sunday.
xo Loulou