Barbeque with the Guys

Nick and I are musicians in a band called The Rails, along with our buddy Niall. The three of us have been performing together for 6 years, most recently doing a regular show on-line streaming live off the floor, with an avatar show within the virtual 3-D avatar world called Second Life. Though we have played a gig pretty well every week since I began this blog, I haven’t talked about it here. It’s not that it’s a secret or anything, but I understand how music is such a personal taste and our loud punky sound is not to everyone’s taste, and it’s not my intention to be try to get you to listen to our music with this blog. If you are interested in checking out the band however, I’ll put some links at the bottom of the post.

The reason I bring it up with this post is that last Wednesday, after our early evening show, we had our annual barbeque together. Nick made a lovely meal of beef steak, baked potatoes and broccoli. And even though we see each other every week, we ended up partying together well into the night and had a fun time! It was one of the last evenings of the year with warm enough weather for hanging out outdoors so we took advantage of it!

Here’s a picture of our avatars having a barbeque, taken last year.

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