Food Friday : Glayva, Vintage Barware and a Funny Story

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I thought I'd change things up a bit for this week's food post. Rather than have a recipe I'd like to talk about a drink.

It's called Glayva and is something that I really enjoy, but very rarely have, the reason being that it is hard to find here. It is a scotch liqueur that I first had in Britain, but haven't had since our last trip there 6 years ago.

Well, that is until Nick found a bottle at a new store that has opened in the neighbourhood. (Here in Ontario we can only buy alcohol at government regulated outlets and licensed bars. And while they are quite standardized in their offerings, they do vary in the products they carry.)

So anyway, after searching the shelves for this elusive liqueur for years, a bottle was finally found! It has been rationed carefully, to be savored when the moment is exactly right. I admit to hiding 'my' bottle in a special place, though, not being one to drink alone, have offered Nick a few drinks of it!

Why the big fuss about this drink? Its appeal for me goes back to an early job, where a group of my colleagues and friends would get together after work in the boardroom once a week, for a scotch tasting. Every week someone would bring a bottle of their choice and they'd each have their little glass of it and go on about the particular attributes of that special liquid. Thing is ... I absolutely dislike the taste of scotch! I like the smell and have tried to acquire a taste and appreciation for it, but no. Not at all tasty to me.

Nick enjoys it, and I buy him a good bottle for his birthday every year, researching my choices and asking the opinion of connoisseurs. To go with his gift I also scan the thrift-store shelves for nice glasses that he can use to drink his scotch. In fact, we even have not one, but two, beautiful small pitchers that are meant to contain the water that some scotch drinkers add to their drink.

So the answer to why I'm so keen on Glayva. Well, it is made of scotch but is sweet and delicious, and can be consumed in that perfectly sized glass that is not really the right size for anything else I like to drink. It is my answer to scotch.

vintage box

box of vintage coasters

vintage cut glass coasters


Here's a funny story about Glayva. When we were last in London, we were fortunate to have the use of a friend's father's flat for our stay, except for the week-end, when it was needed by the family. It wasn't until the last minute that we found out we had to vacate, so hotel rooms were slim pickings. We ended up staying at Faulty Towers. Well, not really Faulty Towers, but the place was so remarkably like it that it was quite hilarious.

After being shown to our room we quickly unpacked a few things, including our half consumed bottle of Glayva. Then, going to use the restroom, I noticed some large size crystals in the bottom of the toilet. 'What are those?', I wondered, thinking maybe this was some sort of special way of disinfecting or something. I had no idea. I called Nick in to have a look. 'Hmmm, different country, different ways of cleaning toilets', we thought. I decided to wait to see if they were going to melt away.

While waiting, we decided to have a shot of Glayva. Heck, we were on vacation! So I went into the washroom for the drinking glasses. This is when I noticed that there was only one. There are usually two glasses in hotel rooms, right? Well, you guessed it, said 'crystals' in the bottom of the loo were actually the smashed second drinking glass!

Anyway, we still had a shot, sharing the same glass, and then headed out. On our way we had to explain to the John Cleese character (I swear!) the predicament in our room. 'What's that? A broken glass ... in the toilet you say? It was there when you got here? My oh my.'

I am certain that he thought we were the ones to break the glass, and were now fibbing about it. Especially after entering our room to remedy the situation and spying our half finished bottle of booze sitting on the side table!

How about you? Do you like scotch? Have you ever tried Glayva?

glass of glayva

Wishing you a happy week-end, and cheers!
xo loulou
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9 Responses to Food Friday : Glayva, Vintage Barware and a Funny Story

  1. I don’t like scotch, but I wouldn’t mind trying this! ;) Your story makes me wonder. Didn’t the person who cleaned the hotel room notice the glass, ie. was the toilet cleaned? Cool coasters. I have more vintage barware than we could ever possible use. Most from my parents.

  2. Emma says:

    I tried to avoid chain hotels in London, even if they were cheaper, but ended up staying in a similar kind of space in Earl’s Court, complete with sticky carpets and the world’s smallest shower cubicle. After that, I went straight back to chain hotels. If I were staying with work, I got some huge, luxurious palaces, but none of them stay in my mind quite like the dodgy Earl’s Court one.

    My dad and nana are the whisky drinkers in our family, although Glenfiddich is usually the drink of choice. My dad had a huge collection of different whiskys and I’m sure I remember seeing this one in there…

  3. Martha says:

    Loulou…I can just imagine the guy’s face when you were telling him about the glass ;)
    I am not a dark alcohol drinker but you made it sound sooo tempting ;)
    If I ever see a bottle of this at a bar, I’ll have to order a glass…and let you know how it goes.

  4. love the coasters!! so unique and love the crystal like feel. xO!

  5. Glayva says:

    Just popping by to say thanks for the lovely words about Glayva, glad you enjoyed it so much! You can pop by our Facebook page if you want to find our more about where to find it – plus we can give you better hotel tips for the next time you’re in the UK!

    • Loulou says:

      Hi. Thanks for dropping by. It is true … I really like Glayva! haha about you being able to give better hotel tips for next time we’re in the UK. Clearly we need them! :)

  6. Alison Dennehy says:

    I cannot stand whisky either, and being Scottish I am a little unusual in that, I don’t even like the smell. But Glayva is heavenly!

  7. Roz says:

    I gather you are in Toronto? We buy Glayva all the time out here in BC. Always have a bottle on hand. Since this is 5 years later, perhaps it is more available where you are now.

    • Loulou says:

      Hi Roz. Thanks for the note. Yes, I’m in Toronto. I check regularly and none of the shops nearby carry it. We had a bottle over Christmas, but had to drive to get it. It’s so good!

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