Much Love Monday : On Cider and Growing Herbs

I’m joining the group over at Anna’s blog Much Love again this week for Much Love Monday, where writers share a photograph that includes a heart and a story of something they love.

My photo(s) with a heart is of these glasses of cider we recently clicked together to celebrate an achievement that is not mine to tell about, but which I happily partook in a glass of bubbly to commemorate. It wasn’t a good time to pop open a full bottle of champagne though (as you really should finish off the bottle once you’ve opened it or else it goes flat, and what’s the good of that?!). Instead we shared a can of sparkling pear cider and toasted with that. Have you ever tried pear cider? .. we get a product here that is called Sir Perry and I find it to be very nice. Also at only 6% alcohol content, it’s better suited to an afternoon toast when we have other things to do that involve having a clear head.

These particular glasses were made more special by the addition of frozen pomegranate juice, which turned our drinks a pretty pink and added a hint of extra flavour.

Another current happening that falls within the category of things I love is that we spent the morning today at the home centre, ordering patio stones to expand our outdoor space, and getting supplies for this year’s herb garden, which is actually a variety of pots, rather than a garden in the ground. Last year we grew oregano, basil, mint, tarragon, thyme, parsley, sage and chives, and I think we’ll do the same this year but double the amount of oregano, basil and parsley, as we used those up faster than they could grow last year. Last year I also tried to grow some hot peppers (which you can read about here), but my crop only yielded one tiny pepper! I think I’ll pass on the peppers this year, but I’m thinking of trying some garlic.

Here’s a picture from last year. Sad, right?

Do you grow herbs or vegetables? I’d love to hear about your gardening plans.

xo loulou

[Edit: Links to Much Love Monday have been removed because the site is no longer active.]