That’s No Peck of Peppers

Last Monday night saw the rising of The Harvest Moon. This is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox and is called so, because it’s brightness allowed farmers to harvest their crops later into the night as they were provided with the extra light that it cast. I got some shots of it, one of which I’ll post at the bottom of this entry. But the real purpose for my writing about that day is that this was when I harvested my own crop.

This year I grew a hot pepper plant, which I described here. It certainly looked very promising back in early July with it’s multitude of buds which would (could!) become fruit. I watched and watered that baby all summer long and Monday was the day to harvest the fruit of my labour. One tiny pepper was all I got! Nonetheless, I was able to contribute to the food on our table!

I sliced the little gem open and I could actually smell the heat. It was small but very very mighty, as proven by the tiny seed I put on the tip of my tongue.

I brought my offering to the cook, who asked “Is this all I get?” and immediately proceeded to chop a second, store-bought pepper to add to the meal he was working on. pppshaww.

While we were eating I could see the little shards of my red pepper embedded in the sauce and was motivated to get my camera. But really it wasn’t worth it so I just ate my meal.

Are you impressed by my pepper producing prowess? No? Ok, I don’t blame you. lol

And though I picked my crop on the evening of the harvest moon, I did not, in fact, require the assistance of it’s shadow-casting bright light to get the job done. So I was able to dedicate some time to taking it’s picture instead.