A Spring Garden with a Frosty Twist

Hello. Happy Earth Day! In honour of the day I’m sharing some photos of our spring garden.

These shots were taken yesterday, April 21st. While we’ve certainly had snow on the flowers before, I can’t recall ever seeing a snowfall as abundant as this one, this far into the year. When we were warned about it in the weather forecast the day before, we couldn’t imagine that it would happen to the degree they said it would. Then, we awoke the next morning to so much snow!

Today, there’s still a bitter chill in the air, with some light swirling flurries, but the snow has melted. The plants appear to be fine after their shocking experience.

And, here are some photos taken a few days before the frosty surprise …

↑ Three for us, one for the squirrel. ↑

Thank you for taking a look.

With warm regards to you, my online friends, xo loulou