Happy St. Patrick’s Day : How I Decorated

Green greetings to you, my online friends!

In an ongoing pursuit to surround Nick and myself in a joyous environment, I set up a little area filled with cuteness in our living room, in honour of St. Patrick’s Day. The honest truth — it’s been set up for a couple of weeks and I had to point it out to him today. He hadn’t really noticed it. haha. I’m not surprised. He said that, while he truly appreciates that this kind of thing brings me happiness, his only real engagement with the various seasonal decorating I do is nervousness about accidentally knocking something over and breaking it. I’ve assured him that if anything ever gets broken he will not be blamed one tiny bit. I might cry my eyes out on the inside, but I will never get mad. I put these things out at my own risk, and while I have a right to do it, so does he have the right to move freely around his home without worrying about breaking a figurine! That is wisdom gleaned from nearly 25 years in a happy marital home!

But, while he couldn’t give a hoot, I thought you might enjoy seeing it! If you follow along on Instagram (Loulou Vintage Home) you will already have seen these photos, but I don’t get the impression there is much cross-over, so here are the shots for you. I very much appreciate having you here and wish you a happy day.

↑ I found this cute ceramic cutie at the thrift store a few weeks ago. She’s a bell! The felt shamrock is one that I made, with a how-to demonstration in this post , if you’d like to make one, too. ↑

↑ A decade ago (in this post) I shared photos of this greeting card which was meant to be given to someone whose birthday is on or near March 17th. Back then, a woman wrote to say that the pictures brought back an old childhood memory for her, of you mother receiving this same card! ↑

I also did a temporary display that I photographed and then took down. This was one that featured the colour pink because “on Wednesdays we post pink” is a thing on Instagram, no doubt in homage to how the clique The Plastics in the movie Mean Girls wore pink on Wednesdays. While I like that movie, it amazes me how that aspect of the film carried over all these years, to there being nearly 300,000 photos on Instagram of something pink posted on a Wednesday. Regardless of the reason, I always like a theme and try to do one when I can, although, the group I participate in in specifically for vintage pink items.

So, here’s my pink display for the Wednesday before St. Patrick’s Day. You can’t really tell, but the teacup is the palest shade of pink. I picked it up at a garage sale in the neighbourhood this past summer.

↑ For those who enjoy crocheting, these doilies were previously discussed in this post – the pink one, and in this post – the blue one. ↑

↑ I estimate this greeting card is from the 50s. I mailed it to myself via ebay last March. It is so pretty in real life, with a moire silk finish and the basket being a piece of woven fabric, to go with the verse inside.

Thank you for reading, Loulou xo