Week 15 Creative Challenge : A Cross-Stitch on Paper piece and Spring Colour Crochet Doilies

Hello! I hope you’ve had a happy week. Here is what I made last week for my Creative Challenge.

The first thing is a repeat of something I made 7 years ago. The last time, I made this into a greeting card and sent it off to my cousin and her family. This time, it became a little artwork that can be displayed in the springtime.

Cross-stitching on paper involves transferring a pattern to paper. If you’d like to know how to do that for this and any other simply cross-stitch motif, I have some tutorials and a Youtube video on the subject, found here. This post also includes links to this and a bunch of other patterns for other seasons/holidays, that work for this.

I also made some doilies in spring colours. (Full disclosure, I made the green and the pink one 2 weeks ago but forgot to include them in the post for that week.)

After a lifetime of crocheting but only making my first doily last year, I am catching up for lost time on doily creating. I just keep wanting to make more of them and now I have a nice stack of them! They’re really fun to make, sort of like doing Spirograph (which was my favourite when I was a kid) but with thin cotton yarn.

↑ This is the second time I’ve made this one and I love it. It’s appropriately called the “Dreaming of Spring” Doily, made by following the free pattern found on a lovely blog called Lacy Crochet.

↑ This one is called “Hearts Doily”, a free pattern from Kristines Crochet Blog. If you’d like to make one I’m going to ask you to Google to find the blog yourself instead of linking it, because the blog is polluted with advertising (warning!) so, I don’t want to sent you there directly from here. Once you reach the blog it is within the doily section.

To be honest, the ads are so distracting that I can’t really recommend the site because it’s hard to keep your mind on what you’re supposed to be doing. I feel badly about that because there are a lot of nice, well written, free patterns there. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that to give credit to the pattern creator and to allow you to make your own decision. ↑

↑ This one is called “Round Doily Placemat” also following a free pattern on Kristines Crochets Blog. Please see note above. I decided on the colour change for the border and love it! ↑

I used the cross-stitch chick and the pink doily within vignettes that I posted on Instagram (My account is called LoulouVintageHome, found here, if you’d like to see all the photos I’ve posted there.)

Here are those shots :

Thank you very much for checking out what I’ve been making! xo loulou