Week 36 Creative Challenge : A Crochet Doily in a Seasonal Colour

Hi! I hope you’re well. Popping in with my weekly update post for the Creative Challenge I’m doing this year. [UPDATE: Ok, I didn’t make it for the whole year on this. I was still making things every week but I got behind on photographing and posting about them. But, I did get through 70% of the year and that’s good enough for me! Thank you if you followed along.]

We were on holiday at Wasaga Beach last week and all I’d packed to craft with was a ball of cotton crochet thread and a hook. It sat untouched the whole time until the rainy evening on the last day. We couldn’t complain about the rain, though, because the weather had been absolutely stunning the rest of the time, very warm and sunny, just like the middle of summer.

I started out following a pattern for this doily, but I was distracted by the view out the huge window I sat in front of, so made a mistake which I only noticed several rows later. But the piece looked ok so I didn’t rip it out and finished it by improvising. That is all to say that I don’t have a pattern to link to, or written out, for this one.

While I hadn’t packed a variety of crafting materials, I remembered from previous visits that the light at the cottage we rent is not good for making things, so I brought along my new “neck lamp” that drapes over my shoulders and can be pointed directly at my work. I got this one from Amazon and, so far, it’s been great. I’m really happy with it.

↑ Here is the doily under a vase of goldenrod. Our garden is bursting with this pretty wildflower right now and the bees and butterflies are loving it.

The vase is newly thrifted and I’ve since discovered it’s a sugar bowl which originally had a lid. I’m not sure of its age but it looks to be quite old. It was made in England by a company called HJ Wood, which was in business from 1885 to the mid 70s. ↑

Thanks for checking out my post. xo loulou